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Family of Edmund Knyvett and Joan Bourchier - Baroness Berners

Husband: Edmund Knyvett ( -1539)
Wife: Joan Bourchier - Baroness Berners ( -1561)
Children: John Knyvett ( - )
Anne Knyvett ( - )
Elizabeth Knyvett ( - )
Thomas Knyvett ( - )
Edmund Knyvett ( - )
Alice Knyvett ( - )
Christian Knyvett ( - )
Rose Knyvett ( - )
William Knyvett ( - )
Catherine Knyvett ( - )
Anne Knyvett ( - )
Marriage Ashwellthorpe, Norfolk, England1

Husband: Edmund Knyvett

Name: Edmund Knyvett1
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Note: Brother Thomas Knyvett. Sergeant Porter to Henry VIII.
He acquired Ashwellthorpe through his marriage to Jane Bourchier, heiress of John Bourchier. Edmund's will, dated 24 Jun 1546, and probated the same year, mentioned his wife, Jane, and his children, but not by name. The will of Jane Knyvett, widow, daughter and sole heir of John Bourchier, Knight, late Lord Berners, deceased, was dated 8 Apr 1560, and probated Dec 1562. It included a record of an earlier legal document that mentioned her sons, William and Edmund Knyvett, as well as her son, John Knyvett, her heir apparent. Mentioned in the will were her sons, William and Edmund, her daughters and sons-in-law, Alice and Oliver Sheers, Rose Reymes, widow, and Christian and Thomas Foster, and her "cousin", Thomas Knyvett, her heir apparent (presumably her grandson, the oldest son of her son, John). Also mentioned were her "goddaughters", Jane Walpole, Mary Walpole, and Bridget Walpole, all unmarried, "the same Agnes" (unmarried and unidentified), Bridget (the daughter of Edmund Knyvett) who was unmarried, and Henry (the son of Thomas Knyvett) who was under 21. One of the executors was her son, William Knyvett. The "goddaughters" must be "granddaughters", since the will of William Walpole, son of Catherine and John Walpole, dated 5 Aug 1587, and proved 5 Dec 1587, in the PCC, mentioned his mother, Catherine, now married to Thomas Scarlett, and his sisters, Mary Houghton, Jane Ryvett, and Bridget Houghell (amongst others)
Birth Buckenham, Norfolk, England
Title Baron Berners
Death 1 May 1539
Burial Ashwellthorpe, Norfolk, England

Wife: Joan Bourchier - Baroness Berners

Name: Joan Bourchier - Baroness Berners1
Sex: Female
Father: John Bourchier - 2nd Baron Berners (c. 1467-1533)
Mother: Katherine Howard ( - )
Title Baroness Berners
Death 17 Feb 15611
Burial Ashwellthorpe, Norfolk, England

Child 1: John Knyvett

Name: John Knyvett1
Sex: Male

Child 2: Anne Knyvett

Name: Anne Knyvett1
Sex: Female

Child 3: Elizabeth Knyvett

Name: Elizabeth Knyvett1
Sex: Female

Child 4: Thomas Knyvett

Name: Thomas Knyvett1
Sex: Male

Child 5: Edmund Knyvett

Name: Edmund Knyvett1
Sex: Male

Child 6: Alice Knyvett

Name: Alice Knyvett1
Sex: Female

Child 7: Christian Knyvett

Name: Christian Knyvett1
Sex: Female

Child 8: Rose Knyvett

Name: Rose Knyvett1
Sex: Female

Child 9: William Knyvett

Name: William Knyvett1
Sex: Male

Child 10: Catherine Knyvett

Name: Catherine Knyvett1
Sex: Female

Child 11: Anne Knyvett

Name: Anne Knyvett1
Sex: Female


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