[Received 17 Aug 1819]

Monday evening

31 Castle Street

Leicester Square


            I should not trouble you on this subject but I do not see any clause in the circular letter concerning the settlers at the new colony which would prevent a widow with a large family from going out. My object in writing is to request you will if possible give me that information.

I am about thirty years of age and the eldest of my children eight next month and the younger two years next October.  I am the widow of a gentleman lately in the office of the Agent general in Great George St, Westminster. Added to the number already mentioned my sister would wish to accompany me, she is younger.

My wish to go arises from the unfortunate state my husband left his family in which I find it quite impossible to maintain in this country and I have hope should I go to the new settlement I should be more successful.  I shall consider myself very greatly obliged by an early answer to this letter as I do not like to make an application untill I know if I should be allowed to go out.

I am Sir

your most obedient



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