INCE, Frederick



28 Milk Street


26th Dec 1819

My Lord,

††††††††††† I take the liberty to address your Lordship, having a great desire with my family to become settlers at the Cape of Good Hope. I mean that part of the country intended for the new colony. A near relation, Mr. Thomas WILSON, by marriage with my own sister, has embarked from London for the new undertaking in some official capacity. I should have no objection should it meet your Lordshipís approbation to accept of a similar charge whenever any other settlers may be sent thither either from this Port or any other. I could much wish to know how soon such an event may probably take place, also the terms and responsibility attached to whatever situation your Lordship may think me capable of undertaking for the benefit of any part of the new colony.

††††††††††† I have a wife & six children, the eldest son 23 years married & got two children male & female, my eldest daughter 21 years spinster, second son nineteen batchelor, second daughter 13 years, third son 10 years, fourth son eight months, all of whom I could wish to take with me. I am a mechanic & have a general knowledge of all kind of machinery, for further particulars I should be most happy to be at your Lordshipís command and am with due respect

Your Lordshipís most obedít humble sevít

Fredík INCE





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