INGAR, James Julius



Manse St?


Aug 3rd 1819

My Lord,

††††††††††† Having observed in the public prints the offer made by Government to assist such persons who are destitute of employment to obtain a passage to the Cape of Good Hope, I beg your Lordship will be pleased to give me the necessary information that I may avail myself of the generous offer.

††††††††††† I am a married man. My wife now pregnant was bred to agricultural pursuits, has been abroad in hot climates several years, and having had a liberal education I have studied Medicine and Surgery, but by a series of misfortunes I am much reduced and quite unemployed. Your Lordshipís kindness in allowing us to become members of the new settlement will be esteemed a favour.

Your Lordshipís most obedít sevít

James Julius INGAR





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