IRWIN, Christopher et al




Sept 7th 1819

The humble petition of Christopher IRWIN, Andrew MERNAGH and Thomas FITSIMMONS

Humbly sheweth

That through the Badness of the Times and want of work hearing that there is a Colony gowing to be formed in the Cape of Good Hope your petitioners wood wish to get the Liberty of gowing with their families out there as they wood wish to earn bread for them and it is not now in their Power for want of work. One of your petitioners serv’d His Majesty for thirteen years and wood serve him tomorow if called up again in the Navy, that is Andrew MERNAGH is a Carpenter by trade. Your petitioner Christopher IRWIN served with the Navy and is a Carpenter. And the other that has served His Majesty as before stated Thomas FITSIMMONS is a sawyer by trade. Patrick ANCHOR is a turner by trade and wood wish to go to. Your Lordship having the goodness to grant the prayers of these ?? petitioners your petitioners are in duty bound to pray

Christ. IRWIN



Patrick ANCHOR

Your Lordship will have the goodness to direct your answer to Christopher IRWIN at

No.7 Bonham Street

155 Church Street




Hoping your Lordship will excuse the ignorance of your petitioners and set them right in the way to take the opportunity that now offers. Your Lordship’s petitioners will ever pray for your health and welfare. Your Lordship will be pleased to send instructions in what marner we are [to] conform our selves sou that we may succeed in our application.

We remain your Lordship’s humble servant

Christ. IRWIN 155 Church St



Patrick ANCHOR




Sept 29th 1819

My Lord,

            I had the honour of your letter of the 13th relative to my application of gowing to the Cape of Good Hope. Your Lordship refers me to a circular letter which states the condisions under which assistance can be granted to individuals. I request that your Lordship will be so good as to send me one of the letters that your Lordship refers to as I can gain no information in what manor to proceed and their is number of Persons in the same predicament as myself. Their are many men that would be willing and anxious to go with me if your Lordship will be sou good as to allow us on the Book of the settlers. I will mention their names & occupations in case your Lordship will grant the [obscured] of our petition and your Lordship’s petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray

Christpher IRWIN, Cabinet Maker & Carpenter, wife & two sons

155 Church Street

Thomas FITSIMMONS, Sawyer, no family

Andrew MERNAGH, Sayer, a wife and four children all grown up

Patrick ANCHOR, turner, a wife

Thomas CONNELL, Labourer, no family

Robert SAUNDERS, Cabinet Maker, a wife

Thomas SCOTT, no family

Thomas BYRNE, no family

Henry MOONEY, no family

and their is number that I have not inserted their names




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