JACKSON, Henry (2)




15th August 1819

My Lord,

††††††††††† Having seen the printed circular respecting emigration to the Cape of Good Hope I wish to go out on the terms therein mentioned, namely to take out nine persons or families besides myself.

††††††††††† I therefore request your Lordship will be graciously pleased to order me further information on the subject, as well as to the tonnage allowed each man or family for their little furniture and implements &c also if Half-pay officers and discharged soldiers and sailors will be permitted by Government to go without loss of their respective half-pays and pensions &c. Also if any military protection will be afforded the settlers against any inroads or attacks from the Caffers or other Natives.

††††††††††† By your Lordshipís condescension and information on the above as well as generally I will feel truly grateful (addressed to me) to the care of my late private agent Mr. ALLOTT, 56 Spring Gardens.

With due respect I have the honor to remain my Lord

Your Lordshipís most obedít and very humble servít




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