O’DWYER, Andrew C (filed under C as CODWYN)




October 13th 1819

My Lord,

            I perceive by the public prints that a Colony under the immediate protection of Government is about to proceed to Africa. I also remark that directions are given to rite to your Lordship for particulars respecting the expedition. I am therefore induced to take the liberty of stating my eligibility to become a Colonist and at the same time to respectfully beg a particular account of the means by which they are protected by Government.

            I am by profession a brewer and understand the manufacturing of ‘artificial yeast’, am about 19 years old, good con[duct] and have received a tolerable gentleman’s education. I am thus particular bec[ause?] I would suppose I ought to ?reach? more encouragement than a person of less [?]tensions. I would if I met with good protection instantly go & I flatter myself I would rather be a acquisition than otherwise. I would feel much obliged to your Lordship directing me to be informed relative to this business and have the honour to be with much respect

Your Lordship’s obedient and humble servant

Andrew C. O’DWYER

[hole in paper obscures full address in Ireland]







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