23 George Street


27th July 1819


As the Legislature have humanely voted a certain sum of money to enable the Government to send out to the Cape of Good Hope a number of Families that may be reduced to indigence through the want of Employment & who are in consequence thereof become objects of commiseration, I humbly take leave to address you for the purpose of claiming a participation of that benevolence which is now offered to the distressed.

            I have been regularly initiated into the general routine of commercial business & I have a perfect knowledge of the Irish Provision Trade & agricultural pursuits I have studied for some time, but through losses and misfortunes which no human prudence could well guard against, I have been by degree reduced to a state of wretchedness which my feelings will not permit me to describe.  In vain have I endeavoured to procure a situation even at a trivial salary altho’ my character remains unsullied.  I have a wife and four children & as Irish to live & die & to bring up the offspring of my loins under British Laws I hope I may be deemed an object of consideration.  I can give the most satisfactory references if required.  As my mind is upon the wrack may I be permitted to crave an early answer to this.

I am with the greatest respect

Sir, Your ob’t. Serv’t.




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