TAYLOR, Edmond



No.1 [Grey?] Court

Oxford Street

August 19th 1819

The humble petition of Edmond TAYLOR to the Right Honíble Secretray of State

Híle petioner is a young man by trade a smith and bell hanger, smith work in geníl, aged 25 years. I served in His Majestyís army in the 90th Regt of Foot in the West Indies for some years. My inclination wld be to embark for the Cape of Good Hope with Híle Lordships permission well knowing my abillity in points of trade besides my knowledge of a foreign climate having a good recommendation, but trdae unfortunately in my now native England being on a decline I humbly request Híle Lordshipís most kind ans as soon as convenient.

Híle Lordshipís most obedít servít






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