Langley, near Macclesfield

August 1st 1819

My Lord,

††††††††††† I have been directed to apply to you respecting emigrating to the Cape of Good Hope. I have been in the country 11 years and am well informíd with their language. I have been through most parts of the country and was as high as Cat River with Lord SOMERSET. My desire is to emigrate to there and I believe I can get 9 and my wife. I was discharged from the 83rd Regt at 6d per day. I am about 31 years old. Your ansír on the subject will oblige

Your Lordships humble & obedient servant



PS There is a great number desirous to go there and could wish to have me with them

Please to direct for me to be left at Wm. LEATHER, Langley near Macclesfield, Cheshire



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