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26351 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Kew, Rosalie Olive (I32946)
26352 [Hobbs 3.FTW] Sarsanski, Olivija (I32955)
26353 [Holtzhausen family tree (].
Holtzhausen, Johannes Stephanus (I101099)
26354 [KAB MOOC 6/9/18803, ref 5826/51] Bennie, Charles Theodore (I72768)
26355 [KAB MOOC 6/9/2789, ref 7828]. Loftie-Eaton, Catharina Beatrix (I72771)
26356 [KAB MOOC 6/9/5002, ref 57097] Sass, Gert Salomon (I72766)
26357 [KAB MOOC 6/9/648, ref 1987] Zaayman, Bartholomew Cornelius (I72819)
26358 [KAB MOOC 6/9/6957, ref 71182] Fourie, Anna Elizabeth Magdalena (I72151)
26359 [NAB MSCE 350/1951] Loftie-Eaton, Petronella Margaretha J. (I72807)
26360 [See 1st sibling's notes] Restall, Errol D'Ewes (I69351)
26361 [See 1st sibling's notes] Restall, Constance (I69352)
26362 [See 1st sibling's notes] Restall, Esme Iles (I69353)
26363 [TAB MHG vol 0, Ref 81195] Leonard, Edward Verran Collins (I103508)
26364 [Transcribed from fly leaf of Margaretting Baptism Register starting 1813]
Baptisms 1723 Grace Elizabeth daughter of Will'm PENNY Jun'r & Sarah his wife was baptised July 6th Baptisms 1724 Rachel the daughter of Charles PENNY and Sarah his wife was baptised April 16thJohn Nathaniel the son of Will'm PENNY and Sarah his wife was baptised 8br the 15th Baptisms 1726 Grace Elizabeth the daughter of Will'm PENNY and Sarah his wife was baptised Dec'r 20th Baptisms 1729 Elizabeth the daughter of Will'm PENNY and Sarah his wife was baptised May 8th Baptisms 1733 William Dixon PENNY son of John and Ann PENNY April 15th 1733 Baptisms 1706 John the son of Will'm PENNY and Marg't his wife was born March 18th and bapt April 4thCharles the daughter [sic] of William PENNY and Margaret his wife was born Jan 16 and baptised 30 1701/2Rachel the daughter of William PENNY and Margarett his wife was born Mar 1st and baptised Mar 15 1697/8William the son of William PENNY and Margaret his wife was born Mar 27 and baptised April 7th 1696William the son of Will'm PENNY and Margaret his wife was baptised Dec'r 13th 1694 Having looked through the older registers I do not discover why the above entries of the PENNY family were collected and placed here by my predecessor. W. JESSE 
Penny, John Nathaniel (I82459)
26365 [Uniondale Civil Marriages: Marriage records 1901-1923 vol 1/3/67/1/1; entry no. 83/1917].
In the marriage register: groom: bachelor; 25 years old; farmer at Ruigtefontein, Uniondale; bride: 17 years old; scholar, residing at Voegskraal, Uniondale.
Family F26430
26366 [Wesleyan Methodist Church Johannesburg] de Witt, Ellen Phyllis Rae (I103534)
26367 ]
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Source Source: S3876 (S3876)
26368 ]
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Source Source: S3896 (S3896)
26369 ]
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Source Source: S3897 (S3897)
26370 ]
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Source Source: S3903 (S3903)
26371 ]
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Source Source: S3912 (S3912)
26372 ]
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Source Source: S3931 (S3931)
26373 ]
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Source Source: S3941 (S3941)
26374 ]
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Source Source: S4306 (S4306)
26375 ]
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Source Source: S4314 (S4314)
26376 ]
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Source Source: S4315 (S4315)
26377 ]
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Source Source: S4350 (S4350)
26378 ]
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Source Source: S4506 (S4506)
26379 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Blackbeard, David Roy (I70481)
26380 Source Source: S4222 (S4222)
26381 _______________ Mollett, Olivia Maria Dorothea (I90684)
26382 {ptt - I don't think that the marriage to Mary Anne Adams/Monckton is correct - see page 1060 of Burke's Peerage and Baronetage 47th edition 1885. I think she married a different George! Daughter of John Monckton and Ann Adams.

It is more likely that George married Elizabeth Billton: George Piggott
Gender: Male
Marriage Date: 19 Oct 1796
Marriage Place: Saint Giles Cripplegate,London,London,England
Spouse: Elizth. Billton
FHL Film Number: 380205, 380206, 380207, 380210, 380211

or even

George Pigot
Gender: Male
Marriage Date: 1 Mar 1796
Marriage Place: Aymestrey,Hereford,England
Spouse: Elizabeth Wilding
FHL Film Number: 992635

HOWEVER, George's marriage to Elizabeth Tomkinson indicates that he was a bachelor at the time, and not a widower, so maybe he was not married?
Adams, Mary Ann (I154327)
26383 {{]]
Source Type: emails 
Source Source: S4378 (S4378)
26384 ~ all info except where stated from Brown Family Tree site 12/2000. 23/4/2002: received the following from Bill Nimmo.James Scott born 10/8/1820 Edinburgh, d. 17/7/1890 Queenstwon RSA, m. 10/1/1850 Fort Peddie RSA. Son John Wesley - info from him on is from Bill.Nothing about John Wesley on the Brown Family Tree site at all!The following info from Ray Leycolle - Aug 2002I can advise that one of the Forbes children was Ann Forbes whowas born on 8/8/1829 and died on 12/1/1921. Ann married JamesScott. James Scott was born 10/8/1820 and died 17/7/1890.James and Ann had 14 children:Ann Scott b. 8/12/1850John Wesley Scott b 19/8/1852 married Janet HarveyJames Scott 14/5/1854Catherine Jane Scott b. 20/10/1855William Bramwell Scott b. 7/5/1857Mary Scott b. 19/2/1859 marrued a person with surname Barrett Emily Scott 19/2/1860 (died young) Robert Henry Scott b. 3/6/1864 George Douglas Scott b. 3/6/1864Emily Scott b. 5/11/1866 Walter Lockhart Scott b. 21/10/1870 died 30/10/1910 married Daisy Ruth Quarterman b 21/12/1878 d. 27/4/1972. Walter & Daisyhad 4 children: James Frederick Scott b 2/6/1902 d. 20/1/1980;Daisy Forbes Scott b 22/1/1904 d 1992; Percy Alban Scott b21/3/1905 d.30/1/1983 and Walter Forbes Scott b 16/5/1909 d.31/1/1994. I have more relatives to the current day (pse adviseif you want)Arthur Reginald Clifford Scott b. 12/9/1872Jane Maria Wilson Scott b. 22.12/1874 married a person withsurname RauchEffie Frances May Scott b. 18/7/1874 married John Stone.... Scott, James (I28607)
26385 ~All the information on this family was received from Daphne Powell.

Lived in Burghersdorp and then Brandfort. They owned a very flourishing business in Brandfort. Undertaker, drapers,butchers. Her father imported a dining room suite for them from Germany. Everything in their home was destroyed during the Boer War. They lost absolutely everything, so went to Aliwal North with his family and lived with his parents on their farm 'Fairview". Here their son Basil was born. They later returned to B'dorp - still very poor - as work was unobtainable - and his wife Jemima became the librarian.William could not fight for the British as he was a registered 'Burger' in Brandfort OFS. When old Mr William Warner (her father) became very ill he got permission from the Boers to bring his wife and family to B'dorp to the dying man. He died on 1 January 1899 in B'dorp. William and Jemima did not go back to Brandfort and therefore lost everything, their home & possessions destroyed. He stayed on in B'dorp - if he had gone back to Brandfort it meant that as a 'Burger' he would have had to fight against his own people.The title had to be claimed within a specified time, but as the Boer War was raging it was impossible to return home and claim his inheritance. It went to another member of the family. The children were given the name of Granard Forbes. The title was Lord Forbes, Earl of Granard. The double - barrelled name only appeared on the birth certificate after the first two children. Granard did not appear on the certificate of Enid or Alma. Died at 60 St Peters Road, East London 
Forbes, William Alexander (I12821)
26386 ~Death Cert. states he was single, residence is 125 Main Street,Johannesburg, died in hospital, no children but has a name of IR Beaumont ??? Mrs Ferguson of same address - 125 Main Street.Daphne states he had a wife Lily but no children. Lived inPretoria. Forbes, Henry (I12822)
26387 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Whittal, Leslie Bertram (I18083)
26388 ~married Janet Harvey child: Ethel Janet d. abt 1956 East London. Married William Nimmi who was b. 17/5/1870 Patick Glasgow, d. 24/8/1922 East London, m. 8/5/1901 Molteno. Had son William b. 21/7/1909 Queenstown, d. 17/9/1992 Cape Town, m. 18/11/1933 Tweespruit OFS. Had son Bill who supplied this info Scott, John Wesley (I28629)
26389 “HELEN THACKWRAY was Born in November 1809 and buried on 15th July 1810 at Old Field Lane, Salford, Manchester. Baptized by Mr. Bradley Manchester John and William” Thackwray, Helen (I139783)
26390 “It was not unusual to see elephants drinking on the far side of the Drift. On one occasion an elephant had slithered down and stuck in the mud. Having an injured trunk, he was unable to lever himself up again, so he could only cross to the other side where he stood on the bank. At that moment, Samuel Rowe, innkeeper, returning from some farm festivity, which probably included good English ale, came face to face with the large and angry beast. Samuel ran to warn the others.
Armed with guns and lead bullets, they sallied forth for some sport. The elephant remained indifferent to the rain of lead bullets and only objected to the yapping of Samuel’s dog, Sixpence. Some steel bullets were then made, but by then the elephant had gone into the bush. Samuel started for home through the bush. Looking back, he suddenly saw the elephant within a few feet of him. He fled across the bush and never stopped running until he reached the inn, with the elephant at his heels.” - attributed to his son Charles.
Rowe, Samuel 1820 Settler (I139291)
26391 “Passes 1st year pupil teacher’s exam, 2nd grade, Training School, Graham’s Town”

Grahamstown Journal 22.01.1898 p4. c2.
Carlisle, May Grace (I73906)
26392 «u»RG6/1102
London & Middx Monthly Meeting of Devonshire House, Houndsditch: Births 1655-1747«/u»

Indexed (very faint, difficult to read)

«u»RG6/1102 00038 p.17«/u» (copy obtained)

Elizabeth Newman ye Daughter of John Newman & Elizabeth his wife was born the eighth of ye tenth month One Thousand Six Hundred and Seventy Three. 
Newman, Elizabeth (I68536)
26393 «u»RG6/1106
London & Middx Monthly Meeting of Peel's Court, John Street, Westminster: Births 1644-1775«/u»

RG6/1106 00099«/u» (copy obtained)

Nathaniel Newman, son of Jonathan and Katherin Newman, was Born on ye 31\super st\nosupersub of October 1707 in Cripplegate Parish. Present at the Birth: Katherine Dodson, Midwife; Eliz. Newman; Sarah Wright; Mary Franklin.

«u» RG6/331 00495 p. 422«/u» (copy obtained)
Peel Burials
1712 - Nathaniel Newman, son of Jonathan Newman, aged about seven years, Dyed in Pudding Lane the 23\super rd\nosupersub 4 mo called June, 1712, Searcher's Report of the Small Pox. 
Newman, Nathaniel (I68525)
26394 «u»RG6/331 00389 p. 316«/u» (copy obtained)
Peel Burials
1709 - A Child of Jonathan Newman aged about 8 days died ye 7\super th\nosupersub 6 mo 1709 in Cripplegate parish. 
Newman, Unknown (I68537)
26395 «u»RG6/331 00496 p. 423«/u» (copy obtained)
Peel Burials
1712 - Nathaniel Newman, son of Jonathan Newman, aged about Twelve Days, Dyed the 27\super th\nosupersub Day of September 1712, Searcher's Report of Convulsions, Fitts, in Pudding Lane. 
Newman, Nathaniel (I68538)
26396 «u»RG6/331 00534 p. 463
«/u»Southwark Burials
1713 - Elizabeth Newman, of the Parish of Saviours in Southwark, Aged about Seventy-Eight Years, dyed the 24\super th\nosupersub day of the 12 mo called February 1713, Searcher's Report of Age, and was Buryed in Ditto Ground, the 29\super th\nosupersub of ye same.
«/u»Age at death gives a birth of around 1635 which is too early for Elizabeth Ryly but parish is correct. 
Ryly, Elizabeth (I68526)
26397 «u»RG6/331 00582 p. 509 «/u»(copy obtained)
Peel Burials
Katherine Newman, Daughter of Jonathan Newman of the Parish called St Margaret, New Fish Street, London, aged about eight Days, dyed the 16\super th\nosupersub day of ye Sixth month, called August, 1714. Searcher's Report of a Convulsion in the Bowel. 
Newman, Katherine (I68539)

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