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26451 Wrote to the widow of Isaac Parkin 24th january 1855 describing theirlife in SA. Farmed about 14 miles from Port Elizabeth. Had a herd of500 cattle but 350 were killed by disease. Titterton, Elizabeth Cecelia (I35053)
26452 WWI records:
John Keenan
United Kingdom, World War I Service Records
Name John Keenan
Event Type Military Service
Event Year 1914
Age 17
Military Company/Regiment Royal Army Service Corps
Military Regiment 1837
Military Battalion 9th Battalion
Birth Year (Estimated) 1897
Birthplace Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Affiliate Publication Number WO 363
GS Film Number 007384537
Digital Folder Number 007384537
Image Number 00640 
Keenan, John J (I132662)
26453 has their marriage date as 23 April 1889 ? Hart, Frederick Ford (I556)
26454 X094/054
St Leonard's, Shoreditch
Microfilm covers Registers of Marriages (1770-774)
Includes film of Register of Marriages (1770-1772) Ms 7498 Vol 7 p. 494 Entry No. 1480

Joseph Wilkinson of this Parish Bachelor & Kitty Cross of this Parish Spinster married by Licence 3rd March 1772.
Both signed.
Witnesses: [Granado?] Chester and William Burgess 
Family F25054
26456 year uncertain Schuurman, L.C.W. (I78699)
26457 year uncertain Schuurman, Mignonette (I78702)
26458 Yes Cogan, Constance Hyacinth (I170364)
26459 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. van der Merwe, Emma Jane (I175205)
26460 Younger son of Sir Robert John Parker, Baron Parker of Waddington, Life Peer. Parker, Hon. John Stanley (I24745)
26461 younger son of the Eighth Baronet, of Fountainhall, the nineteenth in a direct descent from King Edward I of England, and nineteenth from Robert Bruce of Scotland. They had three ch. Dick-Lauder, John Edward Arthur (I137829)
26462 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Tucker, Major Pyers William (I32515)
26463 youngest son of Ebenezer Warner, who was a member of Brown & Stubbs' division of Clark's party which was recruited in London and sailed from Deptford. Warner, William 1820 Settler (I28724)
26464 Zacharias, John, Zacharias, John, Source Medium: Book
ABBR Zacharias, John
Source (S859)
26465 Zim Death notices 18/131 DR 18/162 Kerr, Andrew Collins Moritz (I160111)
26466 Zimbabwe, Death Registers...Death Register, 1892-1977
Death registers
1929-1931, Vol. 38
Image 254 of 280 
Bowker, Kathleen Bliss (I1168)
26467 ZJ was originally married to Catharina Wilhelmina de Villiers (6 children). He Married Magdaliena Maria Myburgh with a special licence (2 Children). De Beer, Zacharias Johannes (I76621)
26468 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Bizinos, Zoe (I111631)
26469 Zuid Afrikaans Hospital Ashby, Reginald Hamilton (I101293)
26470 Zuiwerfontein Sweetnam, John Barton (I112635)
26471 [ Michael Knott
Source Type: emails 
Source (S2930)
26472 [11 April 1854
Marriages solemnized in British Kaffraria 1848 - 1861 Part 4
Jas ROSE INNES, full age, bachelor, clerk in Fort ?
Mary Ann FLEISCHER, 18 yrs, spinster] 
Family F9259
26473 [1] Mollett, Olivia Maria Dorothea (I90684)
26474 [21] omits this husband. Joubert, D (I54550)
26475 [2] records "12 children". The Keighley newspaper, in an obituary of William,
in 1877, states that the elder brother, James, died in "February of last
year": i.e.1876.[2] gives it as 17-Feb-1879. Will filed 1866 [72].

Neâe Elizabeth Anne Hulley. Travelled up with her husband, niece and four
sons by donkey wagon from Pretoria. Their experiences are told by her niece,
Mrs. Carey, on pp. 293-300 in "First Steps in Civilizing Rhodesia" (Mrs.

Member of the expedition into Tembuland and Pondoland in 1828, against the Fetcani.
" ... acquired a great reputation as intrepid big-game hunters...." seeH.E. Hockley's The Story of the British Settlers of 1820 in South Africa,
page 141.

Was Trading in Natal in 1832. Was a Municipal Commisioner in Grahamstown in 1849.

An 1820 Settler, James Cawood, 21 was a member of Hayhurst's party and came
aboard the ship named John and was a member of the expedition into Tembuland
Pondoland in 1823, against the Fetcani. James lived at Somerset east, Cape
Cawood, James 1820 Settler (I9376)
26476 [2] records as "widow Phillips". John and Ann also adopted Charles KENT
(q.v.) "after his father had been murdered by the 'kaffirs' "[62] via [48]. 
Murray, Ann Ynes 1820 Settler (I11144)
26477 [48] says her name could have been Millicent. [72] lists her as Amelia Elizabeth Hill.

Elizabeth HILLAND
Her name could have been Millicent ? 
Hill, Amelia Elizabeth (I11343)
26478 [Allison Jane Wood I13886
Source Type: emails 
Source (S4322)
26479 [Death Notice M00C 6/9/55 No 857/51] Mountfort, William 1820 Settler (I56764)
26480 [death notice TAB MHG 3954/41]. Wemyss, Beatrice Mary (I120211)
26481 [Dutch Reformed Church; Christening records; Uniondale 1922; entry no. 54] Wagener, Sollie Ferreira (I72446)
26482 [extract from pages 91 & 92 - "The Tarrs of Rokewood"]
"Thomas "By Jingo" and Mary TARR
According to one of his descendants, "this is the name we always revered as the gambler and 'wild one' with stories of him riding a horse through a butcher shop and coming out festooned with sausages. He then proceeded up towards where Rhodes University now stands and galloped his horse full tilt through the Drostdy archway. The police could not stop him so they erected a barrier pole across the arch at a point where, at the crucial moment he would be unable to stop! His momentum was, therefore arrested in more ways than one ..."

Thomas farmed at Clumber, having inherited the original Settler farm from his father. Before this, he had bought the neighbouring farm, allotment No. 26 orginally granted to Samuel JACKSON. He bought the farm in 1852 from Frances HULLEY for [Pounds]150. This was identical in size to Rokewood, so when his father died in 1858 he farmed both allotments. Rokewood was left to his son Herbert. At the stage of drawing up the Will in July 1890,
Thomas and Mary had made a proviso that their two, then unmarried daughters, Ada Eliza and Fanny May should have the right to reside in the residence and "to have use and occupation of one bedroom each with right of use of sitting room". However, the daughters married and a codicil to the Will, four years later, required Herbert to pay [Pounds]150 for the farm, which amount would then devolve upon the surviving daughters. As some stage, one of the farms was named Mount Pleasant.

Thomas also bought a larger farm in 1874 from George WOOD. According to their Will, it was "the location calles Austens Grant or otherwise The Clay Pits". This was 254 morgen and Thomas paid [Pounds]508 for it. On Thomas' death, this farm was left in equal shares to Reuben, Thomas Henry and Herbert. Eventually the brothers sold their shares to Reuben, who owned it until 1909 when it was sold out of his insolvent estate." 
Tarr, Thomas (I17127)
26483 [Hobbs 3.FTW]

David had undergone triple bypass surgery, but was sadly never to recover. On 04 September 1996, he died. The church service was conducted at the Church in Milnerton, where Faith and David were in constant attendance.
David's ashes were scattered under the tree in the house of the garden where he and Faith lived with their Daughter at 10 Oleander Street, Milnerton, Cape Town. 
Laing, David Samuel (I32933)
26484 [Hobbs 3.FTW]

[Hobbs 3.FTW] 
Family F11396
26485 [Hobbs 3.FTW] Hobbs, Olive Hilda (I5950)
26486 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Kew, Rosalie Olive (I32946)
26487 [Hobbs 3.FTW] Sarsanski, Olivija (I32955)
26488 [Holtzhausen family tree (].
Holtzhausen, Johannes Stephanus (I101099)
26489 [KAB MOOC 6/9/18803, ref 5826/51] Bennie, Charles Theodore (I72768)
26490 [KAB MOOC 6/9/2789, ref 7828]. Loftie-Eaton, Catharina Beatrix (I72771)
26491 [KAB MOOC 6/9/5002, ref 57097] Sass, Gert Salomon (I72766)
26492 [KAB MOOC 6/9/648, ref 1987] Zaayman, Bartholomew Cornelius (I72819)
26493 [KAB MOOC 6/9/6957, ref 71182] Fourie, Anna Elizabeth Magdalena (I72151)
26494 [NAB MSCE 350/1951] Loftie-Eaton, Petronella Margaretha J. (I72807)
26495 [See 1st sibling's notes] Restall, Errol D'Ewes (I69351)
26496 [See 1st sibling's notes] Restall, Constance (I69352)
26497 [See 1st sibling's notes] Restall, Esme Iles (I69353)
26498 [TAB MHG vol 0, Ref 81195] Leonard, Edward Verran Collins (I103508)
26499 [Transcribed from fly leaf of Margaretting Baptism Register starting 1813]
Baptisms 1723 Grace Elizabeth daughter of Will'm PENNY Jun'r & Sarah his wife was baptised July 6th Baptisms 1724 Rachel the daughter of Charles PENNY and Sarah his wife was baptised April 16thJohn Nathaniel the son of Will'm PENNY and Sarah his wife was baptised 8br the 15th Baptisms 1726 Grace Elizabeth the daughter of Will'm PENNY and Sarah his wife was baptised Dec'r 20th Baptisms 1729 Elizabeth the daughter of Will'm PENNY and Sarah his wife was baptised May 8th Baptisms 1733 William Dixon PENNY son of John and Ann PENNY April 15th 1733 Baptisms 1706 John the son of Will'm PENNY and Marg't his wife was born March 18th and bapt April 4thCharles the daughter [sic] of William PENNY and Margaret his wife was born Jan 16 and baptised 30 1701/2Rachel the daughter of William PENNY and Margarett his wife was born Mar 1st and baptised Mar 15 1697/8William the son of William PENNY and Margaret his wife was born Mar 27 and baptised April 7th 1696William the son of Will'm PENNY and Margaret his wife was baptised Dec'r 13th 1694 Having looked through the older registers I do not discover why the above entries of the PENNY family were collected and placed here by my predecessor. W. JESSE 
Penny, John Nathaniel (I82459)
26500 [Uniondale Civil Marriages: Marriage records 1901-1923 vol 1/3/67/1/1; entry no. 83/1917].
In the marriage register: groom: bachelor; 25 years old; farmer at Ruigtefontein, Uniondale; bride: 17 years old; scholar, residing at Voegskraal, Uniondale.
Family F26430

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