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Mary Ann Stewart, 1820 Settler

Female 1789 - 1839  (50 years)

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 Constance Ellen Whitnall Female
 George Henry Leppan Male
New chart
 Henrietta Wilhelmina Webb Female
 William Henry Whitnall Male
 Agnes Mary Webb Female
 Charles Michael Heugh Male
New chart
 Lucy Helen Webb Female
 Rhoda Mary Webb Female
 Edith Mary Webb Female
 Charles Machim Barry Male
New chart
 Minnie Mary Webb Female
 Josephine Ida Webb Female
 Arthur Murray Roberts Male
 Julien Frederick Webb Male
 Judeana Daisy Davidson Female
New chart
 Sydney Carlisle Patrick William Webb Male
 Jack Webb Male
 John Frederick Webb Male
 Mary Elizabeth Egan Female
 Annie Beatrice Stewart Webb Female
 Pn Harvey Male
 Arthur Lovat Webb Male
 Helen Ermintrude Mullin Female
New chart
 Nora Fraser Webb Female
 Owen Price Powell Male
New chart
 Joseph Nicholas Webb Male
 Annie Stead Female
 William Stewart Webb, 1820 Settler Male
 Helena Susanna Johanna Joone Female
 Lavinia Emily Webb Female
 William Joshua Webb Male
 Ethel Webb Female
 William Dudley West Fynn Male
 Arthur Clement Llewellyn Webb Male
 Elizabeth Adelaide Smith Female
New chart
 Bertram Fitzgerald Webb Male
 Kathleen Mary Webb Female
 Frederick Hurlingh Hopley Male
 Selby Rogers Webb Male
 Egbert Allum Webb Male
 Kenneth McDonald Webb Male
 Eleanor Gillespie Donaldson Female
New chart
 Eileen Amy Webb Female
 Heinrich Olaff Frielinghaus Male
 Arthur Davies Webb Male
 Mary Elizabeth Bertram Female
 Alice Elizabeth Webb Female
 Maria Helenor Webb Female
 Annie Maud Shepstone Female
 Samuel Thomas Wakefield Male
 Harriette Bedford Webb Female
 Frederick William Shepstone Male
 Violet Grant Female
 John Hooper Male
 Alice Mary Grant Female
 Sidney Griffith Fuller Male
New chart
 Theodore Grant Male
 Constance Grant Female
 Ivan Henry King Male
 Alexander Joseph Grant Male
 Katherine Driver Female
 Dr. John James Boyd Male
New chart
 Helen Ann Webb Female
 Arthur Robinson Driver Male
 Herbert Charles McNair Jenner Male
 Maude Mary Webb Female
 Capt. Herbert Augustus Jenner Male
 John Davies Webb Male
 Daisy Warren Webb Female
 Lenny Joseph Lennon Male
New chart
 Frederick Charles Webb Male
 Florence Caroline Warren Female
 Harry Stewart Webb Male
 Stuart Davies-Webb Male
 Millie Dobson Female
New chart
 Guy Llewellyn Davies-Webb Male
 Glory Nina Asthore G-C-Wilson-Moore Female
New chart
 Margaret Dalziel Robson Female
New chart
 Helen Davies-Webb Female
 Arthur Howes Male
 Gibbie Gibson Male
 Clement Davies-Webb Male
 Dodd Davies-Webb Male
 Phyllis Maud Tucker Female
New chart
 Roma Davies-Webb Female
 Pn Denny Male
 Lorna Davies-Webb Female
 Capt. John Sheppard Chilcott Male
 Herbert Davies-Webb Male
 Geoffrey Owen Clement Davies-Webb Male
 Hilda Stella Brennan Female
New chart
 Clement Davies Webb Male
 Georgina Elizabeth Pretorius Female
 Francis Llewelyn Webb Male
 Adelaide Alice Vickers Female
 Frederick Charles Webb, 1820 Settler Male
 Emily Davies Female
 Angelina Olivia Webb Female
 John Henry August Muller Male
 Rupert Edwin Webb Male
 Alton Hugh Webb Male
 Dorothy Hackett Female
New chart
 Alexander Grimaldi Webb Male
 Margaret Catherine Barkly Female
 William Alfred Arnold Male
 George Edward Peter Arnold Male
 Charles Arnold Male
 Reginald Herbert Arnold Male
 Rupert Graham Arnold Male
 Ellen Kate Female
 E S Whippal Male
 Ernest Frank Arnold Male
 Florence Mary Arnold Female
 Constance Violet Arnold Female
 Alice Arnold Female
 Letitia Louisa Webb Female
 Edward Paul Beauchamp Arnold Male
 Lionel Randolph Webb Male
 Mary Charlotte Brown Female
 Oliver Rupert Webb Male
 Jesse Ethel Stride Female
New chart
 Vivian Septimus Webb Male
 Renee NN Female
New chart
 Elaine Webb Female
 George Felix Blaine Male
New chart
 Vere Webb Male
 Cecil Henry Webb Male
 Amy Louisa McAllister Female
New chart
 Charles Harold Webb Male
 Winifred Eaton Female
New chart
 Audrey Jane Webb Female
 Joseph Selwyn (Selwyn) Warner Male
New chart
 George Neville Webb Male
 Pn NN Female
New chart
 Percival Athol Webb Male
 Vera Evelyn Avern-Taplin Female
New chart
 Helen Ava (Nell or Nellie) Webb Female
 Pn Rushton Male
New chart
 Oliver Percival (Percy) Webb Male
 Mary Jane Levey Female
 Helen Mary Ann Webb Female
 John Henry Webb, 1820 Settler Male
 Mary Ann Pollard, 1820 Settler Female
 John Henry Lee Male
 Amy Marrianne Bertram Female
 William Theodore Drennan Male
New chart
 Robert Maxwell Bertram Male
 Pn Bertram
 Edith Rose (Rosa) Bertram Female
 Edwin George Stewart Bertram Male
 Adolph James Bertram Male
 Jessie Louisa Bertram Female
 Otto Bertram Male
 Bertha Helen Bertram Female
 Herman Louis Bertram Male
 Clement Stanhope Bertram Male
 Amelia Nicol Female
 Annie Franzeska Bertram Female
 Walter Clayton Whittal Male
New chart
 Angelina Maria Lee Female
 Robert Louis Bertram Male
 Mabel Stuart Wartley Everley Female
 James Everley Male
 Florence Laura Everley Female
 Daisy Lavinia Everley Female
 Miles Humfrey Bowker Male
 Severinia Lee Female
 James Everley Male
 Edwin Elisha Lee Male
 Maria Louisa Webb, 1820 Settler Female
 Elisha Lee, 1820 Settler Male
 Alexandrina Webb, 1820 Settler Female
 Edward Stanhope Pollard Male
 Helen Emily Pollard Female
 George Wellington Rex Aspeling Male
 Amy Maud Pollard Female
 Evelyn Pollard Female
 Henry James Lloyd Estment Male
New chart
 Minnie Maria Pollard Female
 Edith Jane Pollard Female
 Albert Reuben Jelliman Male
New chart
 Robert Pollard Male
 Emily Martha King Female
 Helen Martha Webb Female
 Thomas Pollard, 1820 Settler Male
 Clement Webb Male
 Emily Webb Female
 Henry James Webb Male
 Nathaniel Weymouth Pedlar Male
 George Norman Elliott Pedlar Male
 Hilton Elliott Pedlar Male
 Frances Nora Smith Female
New chart
 Jessie Arbel Pedlar Female
 George Joseph Mildenhall Male
New chart
 William Isaiah Thomas Male
 Mary Violet Iva Pedlar Female
 Alfred John Robinson Male
New chart
 Gertrude Pedlar Female
 Ewan Adams Male
 Kathleen Pedlar Female
 H Stuart Male
New chart
 Matilda Charlotte Pedlar Female
 Alex McFarlane Male
 George Henry Pedlar Male
 Elizabeth Jane Elliott Female
 Emily Hannah Pedlar Female
 Charles Lowther Painter Male
 Percival William Weymouth Pedlar Male
 Samuel Clyde Pedlar Male
 Irene Gladys Smith Female
 William Thomas Pedlar Male
 Margaret Hannah Andrews Female
 Frank Weymouth Painter Male
 Mary Maria Twine Female
New chart
 Charles Lowther Painter Male
 Emily Hannah Pedlar Female
 Jessie Lavinia Painter Female
 Meredith Grace Painter Female
 Albert Edward Begbie Male
New chart
 Frederick Joseph Wendall Painter Male
 Emily Martha Pedlar Female
 Edwin Joseph Painter Male
 Jessie Olivia Pedlar Female
 Thomas Adams Pedlar Male
 Maria Quirk Female
 Robert Henry Pedlar Male
 Henry Cordon Pedlar Male
 Esther Martha Maria Hunt Female
 Samuel Weymouth Pedlar Male
 Peter Johannes Jacobus Pedlar Male
 Hester Maria Magdalena Schalkwyk Female
 Samuel Weames Pedlar Male
 Herbert Walter Pedlar Male
 Anna Helena Margaretha Goosen Female
 Ewan Adams Male
 Gertrude Pedlar Female
 Matilda Mary Ann Pedlar Female
 Thomas Adams Male
 Arthur Frederick Pedlar Male
 Milton Samuel Loxton Male
 Constance Olivia Loxton Female
 Davidson Male
 Evelyn Amelia Loxton Female
 Wilkie Male
 Charles William Loxton Male
 Henry Loxton Male
 Hilda Sarah Loxton Female
 Morgan Morris Rees Male
 Perrington Loxton Male
 Victor Loxton Male
 Clarence Loxton Male
 Florence Jessie Loxton Female
 John Harold Robinson Male
 Cecil Loxton Male
 Laurence Loxton Male
 Jessie Mildred Loxton Female
 Hudson Ernest McComb Male
 Olivia Elizabeth Stuart Pedlar Female
 Charles William Loxton Male
 Clement Weymouth Pedlar Male
 Jessie Olivia Maria Webb Female
 Samuel Weymouth Pedlar, 1820 Settler Male
New chart
 Mary Ann Stewart, 1820 Settler Female
 John Webb, 1820 Settler Male

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