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Transvaal, South Africa



Latitude: -25.928677, Longitude: 28.558481


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Annear, Ruth Olive   I25969
2 Ashburner, Claude William  Abt Apr 1889Transvaal, South Africa I125544
3 Aspeling, Frederick Edward George  9 Jan 1867Transvaal, South Africa I33880
4 Atherstone, Arthur  Abt 1916Transvaal, South Africa I2233
5 Barker, Vernon William  22 Apr 1911Transvaal, South Africa I164793
6 Beadon, Jack Oliver Musgrave  Abt 1900Transvaal, South Africa I163311
7 Bean, Martha Margaret  23 Jun 1906Transvaal, South Africa I140124
8 Birk, Leonard Norman  1918Transvaal, South Africa I73552
9 Blair, Brian John   I158488
10 Boardman, Bertha  Abt 1875Transvaal, South Africa I19526
11 Boardman, George Herbert  1883Transvaal, South Africa I19531
12 Boardman, Irene Florence  Abt 1890Transvaal, South Africa I19533
13 Boardman, Jessie  Abt 1883Transvaal, South Africa I19530
14 Boardman, John Alfred Hedley  29 Jan 1894Transvaal, South Africa I19534
15 Boardman, Lucy  Abt 1877Transvaal, South Africa I19527
16 Boardman, Selina Sarah  Abt 1888Transvaal, South Africa I19532
17 Boardman, William Salmon  Abt 1879Transvaal, South Africa I19528
18 Botha, Michael   I46077
19 Bowker, Leslie Alfreda   I116819
20 Bowker, Moira   I1829
21 Brett, Ninon Estelle Frances  3 Dec 1910Transvaal, South Africa I102734
22 Browne, Amy Howard  5 Aug 1898Transvaal, South Africa I15497
23 Browne, Muriel Ruth  24 Jan 1900Transvaal, South Africa I15498
24 Bunton, John Albert  Abt 1913Transvaal, South Africa I41912
25 Burgess, Mona Myrtle  15 Apr 1911Transvaal, South Africa I83413
26 Coetze, Susannah   I36067
27 Coetzee, Dina Maria Magdalena   I149683
28 Cooper, Joan Francis  12 Jun 1918Transvaal, South Africa I48709
29 Coqui, Henry Christian  Aug 1848Transvaal, South Africa I94372
30 Currie, Daphne  1922Transvaal, South Africa I73548
31 De Lange, Elisabeth  1848Transvaal, South Africa I78394
32 Dearlove, Henrietta Christina Maria   I50712
33 Dearlove, James Francis   I50711
34 Denton, Henry Hector  Abt 1898Transvaal, South Africa I76922
35 Dettlefs, Daniel Hendrik   I160434
36 Du Preez, Frederick Johannes   I50685
37 Edyvean, Alice Mildred   I114560
38 Farr, Leonard George  12 Nov 1915Transvaal, South Africa I74420
39 Fisher, Archibald Milton  1896Transvaal, South Africa I149520
40 Fynn, Warren  Transvaal, South Africa I31732
41 Green, John August  10 May 1894Transvaal, South Africa I56711
42 Halse, Joyce Amy   I113594
43 Heathcote, William  24 Jul 1884Transvaal, South Africa I74733
44 Hollard, Morgan Hood  Abt 1894Transvaal, South Africa I155399
45 Hope, Lily  1911Transvaal, South Africa I81863
46 Hudson, Beulah  14 Dec 1910Transvaal, South Africa I119545
47 Hudson, Neville George Verdoorn  27 Jul 1901Transvaal, South Africa I119517
48 Hudson, Norman Victor  1904Transvaal, South Africa I119539
49 Hudson, Rene Althea  6 Aug 1929Transvaal, South Africa I146253
50 Hunter, Jessie Laurence  1904Transvaal, South Africa I164925

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christening    Person ID 
1 Butler, Doreen Isabel Weymouth  16 Aug 1908Transvaal, South Africa I119698
2 Morgan, Gladys Ethel   I155913


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Andrews, George Southey  1983Transvaal, South Africa I6378
2 Atherstone, Beryl Atherstone  1976Transvaal, South Africa I3631
3 Bailie, Harry Hamilton  1957Transvaal, South Africa I136181
4 Bailie, Margaret Campbell  1934Transvaal, South Africa I169673
5 Baines, Arthur Capel Valentine  1964Transvaal, South Africa I8314
6 Barnes, Alice Mary  17 May 1952Transvaal, South Africa I126300
7 Barrable, Alfred S  1941Transvaal, South Africa I78366
8 Beale, John Newhouse  2 Aug 1838Transvaal, South Africa I126115
9 Bell, Norah Mary  12 Jun 1949Transvaal, South Africa I9855
10 Benson, Edward Fitzgibbon  1940Transvaal, South Africa I67444
11 Bisset, Alice Maria  1918Transvaal, South Africa I175684
12 Blanchard, Henry Wilby  1933Transvaal, South Africa I9639
13 Blinkhorn, William Viner  1958Transvaal, South Africa I168471
14 Boardman, Neville Hayes  15 May 1972Transvaal, South Africa I19376
15 Botes, George Aubrey  Nov 1980Transvaal, South Africa I79261
16 Botes, Susan Phyllis  Abt 1963Transvaal, South Africa I135100
17 Botha, Anna Alida Petronella  1956Transvaal, South Africa I170324
18 Bourke, Bernard John  Transvaal, South Africa I129360
19 Brooke-Shires, Jozeph  1903Transvaal, South Africa I21192
20 Brown, Luke 1820 Settler  1868Transvaal, South Africa I136292
21 Campbell, Alice May  Transvaal, South Africa I135971
22 Campbell, Sarah Adelaide  1939Transvaal, South Africa I56695
23 Canale, Giacomo  1951Transvaal, South Africa I57859
24 Chappell, Charles Arriet  Abt 1911Transvaal, South Africa I142236
25 Charles, Sidney Thomas  Transvaal, South Africa I161751
26 Clark, Edward Henry Joseph  15 Jun 1966Transvaal, South Africa I172072
27 Currie, Phyllis Ina  May 1964Transvaal, South Africa I1544
28 Dicks, Hannah Margaret  5 Apr 1893Transvaal, South Africa I40042
29 Donovan, Reginald Dawson  1961Transvaal, South Africa I136478
30 Doyle, John Edgar  2 Jan 1950Transvaal, South Africa I119851
31 Durand, Winnie Christiana  Abt 1946Transvaal, South Africa I135004
32 Elske, Frederick William  23 Apr 1967Transvaal, South Africa I131524
33 Farnworth, Ruth  2 Oct 1982Transvaal, South Africa I108759
34 Fivaz, Augusta Johanna Sophia  11 Jun 1955Transvaal, South Africa I101168
35 Franck, Beryl  1946Transvaal, South Africa I136523
36 Franck, Lucien Donovan  1965Transvaal, South Africa I136522
37 Gem, William Monro  Transvaal, South Africa I170332
38 Gilfillan, Beatrix  1958Transvaal, South Africa I10104
39 Green, John Edward  1900Transvaal, South Africa I83674
40 Hart, Alfred Norman  8 Jul 1947Transvaal, South Africa I3104
41 Hart, Olivier O'Connor  26 Oct 1954Transvaal, South Africa I173346
42 Harvey, Thelma Joyce  12 Feb 1974Transvaal, South Africa I181901
43 Holing, Phoebe Margaret  16 Jan 1974Transvaal, South Africa I182327
44 Hoole, Grace Hereford  Abt 1960Transvaal, South Africa I24889
45 Hoole, Moira Natalie  6 Aug 1960Transvaal, South Africa I32063
46 Hutton, Arthur Peregrine Pepperrell  26 Feb 1936Transvaal, South Africa I121898
47 Jennings, Emma Louise  Abt 1944Transvaal, South Africa I48163
48 Lamont, Hugh  Abt 1924Transvaal, South Africa I137862
49 Leaman, Florence Edith  Abt 1965Transvaal, South Africa I137882
50 Lee, Louisa Ann  1888Transvaal, South Africa I124987

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Gilfillan, William Heathcote  Transvaal, South Africa I5385
2 Kent, Neville  Transvaal, South Africa I7764


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Atherstone, Helen Damant  27 Mar 1948Transvaal, South Africa I3623


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Barbour / Schuurman  Abt 1926Transvaal, South Africa F28696
2 Ehrenberger / Whittal  5 Jul 1983Transvaal, South Africa F7120
3 Forbes / Jearey  Transvaal, South Africa F4941
4 Hodge / Fitchet  11 Jan 1930Transvaal, South Africa F51338
5 Jakins / Low   F54481
6 Peters / Coetzee  5 Oct 1943Transvaal, South Africa F28680


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Divorce    Family ID 
1 Birch / Thomson  1935Transvaal, South Africa F57636
2 Colley / Short  1947Transvaal, South Africa F36293
3 O'Donovan / Clarke  1928Transvaal, South Africa F48865
4 O'Donovan / Erasmus  1946Transvaal, South Africa F48866
5 Pucher / Short  1940Transvaal, South Africa F36265
6 Short / Muller  1959Transvaal, South Africa F36264
7 Starke / Green  1946Transvaal, South Africa F61767


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Bagnall / Flook  9 Jan 1970Transvaal, South Africa F12001
2 Taberer / Walker  1942Transvaal, South Africa F8950

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