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509) Peter Darby  Male
Adelaide South Australia Location
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Wednesday, 26 May 2021 04:28 Write a comment

John Darby, a G,G,G,G Uncle arrived on The Weymouth 1820 and died 1834 in The Winterberg on his farm on The Konap River. Would love any info. on his death certificate/burial
508) Ann Hope-Bailie  Female
Johannesburg Location
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Monday, 12 April 2021 08:51 Write a comment

Thank you for all the hard work and research. Great to see the interest.
507) Rencia Vorster 
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Wednesday, 13 January 2021 12:57 Write a comment


baie dankie vir die inligting op hierdie blad. Waardeer julle moeite!

Julle het nie dalk nog inligting oor Charles James Spiller en Catherine Rebecca Madden se ouers onderskeidelik nie?

Vriendelike groete,
Rencia Vorster
506) Chris McCartney  Male
Cape Town Location
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Saturday, 9 January 2021 07:09 Write a comment

Hi, Just wanted to thank you for an incredible resource. Although not an 1820 descendant, I have family members who married into Settler families.
505) Cindy Binks  Female
Kwazulu Natal Location
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Sunday, 3 January 2021 09:20 Write a comment

Thanks Paul. Great site. I am still working through it. No Settler family but I am trying to find a family for a friend and think their Progenitor may well be a Settler. He is Andrew Wilson and wife Mary Ann.
Kind regards and best wishes for 2021.
504) Paul Naylor  Male
Cape Town Location
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Saturday, 7 November 2020 08:16 Write a comment

Please advise before Logging In how we can register on your site.

Paul Tanner-Tremaine Wednesday, 18 November 2020 09:41
I have had to stop visitors to the website requesting user accounts, as there have been a lot of visitors abusing the process, particularly in the last month. I have also had many requests where the applicant did not respond to “ I will reject any request where I cannot see in the comments any connection to a Settler family, so tell me your connection, and who you really are!” If there was no suitable comment, then I rejected the request.

With a person logging in, it only gave me the benefit of knowing who had logged in and what pages they were visiting, it did not give the user any more information to view than what a normal visitor could see. It also did not allow a logged in user to change or add to the information. Remember, I do this as a hobby, and reserve the right to reject information that falls outside the scope of my hobby. I am also limited by the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations on what data I can keep and show. For example, I am not supposed to show any information for any living persons, other than their name, and sometimes that has been questioned as well.

Sorry, but there are some out there who have possibly spoilt it for others.

If you want to update any info, send it to me in an email, and I will add it as before.
503) Anette  Female
Cape Town, Western Cape South Location
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Tuesday, 29 September 2020 11:38 Write a comment

Thank you for a very informative website
502) Gerry Bolton 
Oxfordshire, England Location
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Monday, 31 August 2020 10:10 Write a comment

Thank you for such an interesting and informative website. I have found a branch of my Lepine (Leppan) family here and it is fascinating to discover that they were among the 1820 settlers.
501) Janet Yuill nee Bowsher/ Boucher  Female
Victoria Vancouver Island Location
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Monday, 6 July 2020 19:52 Write a comment

Thank you for this wonderful website. From it I have discovered family from East Garston, Kintbury Berkshire. The last name being Bowsher, Boucher ,
Who arrived in 1820.
Keep up the wonderful work
500) peter duckers  Male
Shrewsbury, UK Location
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Saturday, 25 April 2020 12:35 Write a comment

An absolutely fabulous website and a real mine of information - a huge credit to all involved. Thank you for all the work!
499) Lourens Du Plessis  Male
South Africa Location
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Saturday, 22 February 2020 08:26 Write a comment

Hi there, I have found a lot of info on this website. Many thanks. I am looking for a marriage registration between Hermanus Philippus Grobler and Aletta Susara van Wyk. Grobler was born on 01-10-1925 died 28-06-1994 Van Wyk was born on 11-12-1926 died 29-20-2000. They resided in Belfast, Mpumalanga, South Africa. They had 6/7 children, oldest one Elizabeth Catherine Grobler born around 1944. She married Lourens Stephanus (Louw) Du Plessis born 24-11-1938 in Carolina, Mpumalanga, South Africa. Anyone who can help, please contact me at
498) MINNIE 
shelly beach Location
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Saturday, 25 January 2020 10:01 Write a comment

so good ,however I found great granny s aunt names but not her name or parents?
497) Janet  Female
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Sunday, 24 February 2019 10:21 Write a comment

Hi, Thank you so much for your wonderful website. Through it I have learned so many fascinating things about my family history. I am descended from 4 1820 Settler families,the only daughter of Arthur Purdon, who himself had a 4th generation 1820 Settler pedigree,which I'm currently looking for.I found it on your website before. Please keep in touch. I'd love to conrtibute to the website.
496) Cat 
Australia Location
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Tuesday, 29 January 2019 15:19 Write a comment

Fantastic page. Am interested in the family of Arthur Barker and Sarah August. Am trying to prove, or dis-prove connection with a Richard Barker of VDL. Both may hail from Waterford, Ireland. Both were living in London in early 1800's. Arthur Barker was a Malster (Brewer). An Arthur Barker was partners in a brewery in London, with a John Henry Cawthorn (Richard Barker's brother-in-law). Have more connections, but that is the basis. Would love if they were connected. Cheers.

Illie Monday, 22 July 2019 18:13
Hi Cat. I read your post. Have you had any feedback on Arthur Barker. I am still trying to ascertain who Arthur's parents were.
495) Ryan Anderson 
Lehi, UT, USA Location
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Saturday, 5 January 2019 05:39 Write a comment

Thanks for the Great Resource in learning about my ancestors John Green and Margaret Kirkman.
494) Cheryl  Female
Albany, WA Australia Location
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Friday, 28 December 2018 07:11 Write a comment

my 12yr old Grandson found this page and told me to go looking for my ancestors because I'm writing a book for my daughters so they know where they come from smile
493) Ryunage 
IP logged Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:63.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/63.0
Tuesday, 6 November 2018 07:13 Write a comment

Very beautiful site
492) Courteney S  Female
South Africa Location
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Wednesday, 26 September 2018 22:45 Write a comment

I have family that came from the 1820 settlers so I would like to find out as much as I can about my history 😊
491) Paul Weeks  Male
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Thursday, 13 September 2018 17:22 Write a comment

Dear Sir
Ref Reed family, Baillee's party.
I have pictures of Sarah Eliza Reed's grave in St Leonards Churchyard, Streatham, London.
She was the wife of Capt John Milbank and died in 1823, aged only 24. So sad.
490) Felicity  Female
USA and Australia Location
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Thursday, 30 August 2018 19:26 Write a comment

Just found this site... I have ancestors in the Sweetnam and the Talbot families... Can't wait to sit down and look through everything...
Thanks for the site...
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