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835) Paul Naylor  Male
Cape Town Location
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Saturday, 7 November 2020 08:16

Please advise before Logging In how we can register on your site.

Paul Tanner-Tremaine Wednesday, 18 November 2020 09:41
I have had to stop visitors to the website requesting user accounts, as there have been a lot of visitors abusing the process, particularly in the last month. I have also had many requests where the applicant did not respond to “ I will reject any request where I cannot see in the comments any connection to a Settler family, so tell me your connection, and who you really are!” If there was no suitable comment, then I rejected the request.

With a person logging in, it only gave me the benefit of knowing who had logged in and what pages they were visiting, it did not give the user any more information to view than what a normal visitor could see. It also did not allow a logged in user to change or add to the information. Remember, I do this as a hobby, and reserve the right to reject information that falls outside the scope of my hobby. I am also limited by the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations on what data I can keep and show. For example, I am not supposed to show any information for any living persons, other than their name, and sometimes that has been questioned as well.

Sorry, but there are some out there who have possibly spoilt it for others.

If you want to update any info, send it to me in an email, and I will add it as before.

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