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This Genealogy website is a totally free website, dedicated to the British Settlers to South Africa in 1820, their descendants and researchers.
All the genealogical information has been generously supplied or posted by the members of this website, or has been transcribed from various websites, mailing lists, reports, documents or books by interested persons or myself, with relevant source information where ever it was possible.
My objective with the website is to build a complete and accurate record of all the 1820 Settlers and their families with relevant historical information about them before the information is lost to us.

It is NOT a social media website, and I do not keep contact details for everyone listed on this website. I also reserve the right to reject and/or refuse to publish certain data, photos, etc, and family trees not related to my hobby or not within my scope for this website

It should not be necessary for you to register or login IF you are only going to view the data on the website.

If you spot an error, or have an update or addition of data that you are willing to share with the rest of the 1820 Settler researchers, please let me know. Email me directly or use the feedback form.
It would also help me in identifying the correct Settler for whom you have updates, if you could give me the Settler ID or Person ID number with that detail. I can then post it to the correct person in the database. To date I have established family trees of 2790 of the identified 3845 1820 Settlers who landed in South Africa.
If you would like to submit a complete GEDCOM file of an 1820 Settler family, to as many generations as you care to publish, I will willingly publish it to the Trees section on your behalf. I do have a privacy policy where I try to not publish any life dates or data of potentially living persons, just their names.

Please also check the 'What's New' link, which will give an indication of the last time I did an update of all the data, etc., to the website.

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I, Paul Tanner-Tremaine, compiler and owner of these pages take no responsibility whatsoever for the accuracy of any of the information directly submitted to or extracted from this Website, and reject any liability due to direct or indirect damages caused by this.
This Web site and ALL information on the pages is provided for the purpose of genealogical research.
Every attempt has been made to ensure complete accuracy of this information and no permission is granted or given for use of this material for any purpose other than genealogical research.
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