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Cape, South Africa



Latitude: -31.584595, Longitude: 22.310641


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ainsley, Esme   I43953
2 Annandale, Jan George  13 Dec 1887Cape, South Africa I14534
3 Bennette, Annie  18 Mar 1866Cape, South Africa I85154
4 Bennette, Henry Oliver Trewella  19 Jun 1867Cape, South Africa I84591
5 Bennette, Jane  9 Jun 1885Cape, South Africa I131787
6 Bentley, Francis Parriot  1 Jan 1825Cape, South Africa I24466
7 Bentley, Joseph  Abt 1831Cape, South Africa I48785
8 Bentley, Thomas  Abt 1830Cape, South Africa I48784
9 Boardman, Ada Johanna   I19606
10 Boardman, Annie Maria  1 Apr 1857Cape, South Africa I19449
11 Boardman, Caroline  Abt 1876Cape, South Africa I19521
12 Boardman, Carrington  9 Dec 1905Cape, South Africa I19607
13 Boardman, Chrissie  Abt 1872Cape, South Africa I19519
14 Boardman, Cynthia May   I19612
15 Boardman, Donald Clarence  8 Aug 1922Cape, South Africa I19610
16 Boardman, Edward James  Abt 1881Cape, South Africa I19523
17 Boardman, Fredrick Alphons  Abt 1883Cape, South Africa I19524
18 Boardman, George Herbert  Abt 1879Cape, South Africa I19522
19 Boardman, Gwendolin Mildred   I19508
20 Boardman, Henry Herbert  1900Cape, South Africa I19604
21 Boardman, Jane Sophia  9 Feb 1852Cape, South Africa I19447
22 Boardman, Joy Daphney   I19510
23 Boardman, Margaret Hayes  19 Sep 1854Cape, South Africa I19448
24 Boardman, Maria  Abt 1870Cape, South Africa I19518
25 Boardman, Olga   I19541
26 Boardman, Olive Thelma   I19611
27 Boardman, Thora Hayzel  16 Dec 1918Cape, South Africa I19608
28 Boardman, Valentine Gerald   I19609
29 Boardman, William  Abt 1850Cape, South Africa I19493
30 Boardman, William George   I19509
31 Bradfield, Alfred  Nov 1850Cape, South Africa I25294
32 Bradfield, Eleanor Mary  13 Nov 1857Cape, South Africa I25291
33 Bradfield, Joan   I43954
34 Bradfield, Mary Eliza Crooks  9 Jul 1847Cape, South Africa I25296
35 Brinkworth, Leofwin Lennox  3 Jan 1906Cape, South Africa I31185
36 Butler, Arthur Charles  22 Jun 1920Cape, South Africa I30896
37 Butler, Kingsley Evelyn   I30901
38 Butler, Lynne Eva   I30899
39 Butler, Rex Douglas   I30900
40 Cadle, Charlotte Elizabeth  27 Nov 1866Cape, South Africa I144909
41 Cadle, Emily  28 Jun 1887Cape, South Africa I144916
42 Cadle, Henry  16 Dec 1878Cape, South Africa I144913
43 Cadle, Margaret  8 Sep 1884Cape, South Africa I144915
44 Carlisle, Ronald Walter  25 Dec 1889Cape, South Africa I74267
45 Cawood, Agnes Mary  31 Jan 1881Cape, South Africa I11311
46 Cawood, Amelia  8 May 1869Cape, South Africa I11111
47 Cawood, Elijah  17 Nov 1848Cape, South Africa I11451
48 Cawood, Elizabeth Susannah  1885Cape, South Africa I11322
49 Cawood, George Robert  1855Cape, South Africa I11455
50 Cawood, Harold Alfred  24 Oct 1879Cape, South Africa I11309

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christening    Person ID 
1 Gravett, William Henry  6 Feb 1861Cape, South Africa I37255


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Attwell, Mortimer St Clair  22 May 1943Cape, South Africa I67184
2 Bradfield, Alfred  6 Dec 1851Cape, South Africa I25294
3 Bradfield, Eleanor 'Dolly'  Cape, South Africa I25295
4 Bradfield, Isabella Sarah  Bef 1870Cape, South Africa I25297
5 Brown, John Daniel Athol  7 Jul 1974Cape, South Africa I31201
6 Brown, Mary Ann  26 Jul 1867Cape, South Africa I21134
7 Brown, Terri Athol  11 Feb 1984Cape, South Africa I31209
8 Cadle, Elizabeth Ellen  30 Apr 1938Cape, South Africa I144914
9 Cadle, Emily  26 Jun 1966Cape, South Africa I144916
10 Cloete, Jacob  23 May 1693Cape, South Africa I2314
11 Coetzer, Maria Clara Isabel  19 Nov 1931Cape, South Africa I37225
12 Delport, Cornelia Maria  1858Cape, South Africa I37254
13 Francis, Kate Gertrude  3 Dec 1988Cape, South Africa I23481
14 Godlonton, Caroline  3 Mar 1837Cape, South Africa I67136
15 Gradwell, Barry  1917Cape, South Africa I60049
16 Gravett, Charles  1 Aug 1888Cape, South Africa I37164
17 Gravett, Charles James  18 Sep 1927Cape, South Africa I37156
18 Green, Mary Ann  Bef 28 Mar 1863Cape, South Africa I48441
19 Gush, Philip Robert  Cape, South Africa I40879
20 Hatchard, Alfred Goodwin  8 Jul 1892Cape, South Africa I9859
21 Heath, Johannes Hendrik  Abt 1932Cape, South Africa I79445
22 Heugh, Evert van Tonderen  26 Nov 1801Cape, South Africa I69510
23 Hudson, John Gilfillan  1945Cape, South Africa I10133
24 Impey, Frances Patton  10 Dec 1944Cape, South Africa I5008
25 Loots, Hendrik Johannes Jurgens  16 Jun 1936Cape, South Africa I79486
26 McGeer, Arthur Michael  1935Cape, South Africa I183289
27 McLuckie, Jane  1920Cape, South Africa I10927
28 Meyer, Johanna Magdalena  Cape, South Africa I37345
29 Morkel, Philip Hendrik  12 Apr 1735Cape, South Africa I76658
30 Parkin, Ada Anna  15 Jul 1939Cape, South Africa I35009
31 Parkin, Sydney Charles  Cape, South Africa I35010
32 Rex, Louisa Georgiana  23 Oct 1889Cape, South Africa I32840
33 Rex, Maria  25 May 1899Cape, South Africa I32843
34 Robinson, Jeanette Catherina  7 Oct 1940Cape, South Africa I76321
35 Row, Lilian Fraser  Aft 1970Cape, South Africa I28159
36 Shaw, John  1834Cape, South Africa I68503
37 Smith, Justin Hugh  11 Feb 1984Cape, South Africa I31210
38 Weatherhead, James  1915Cape, South Africa I34913
39 Weatherhead, Thomas Langford  1938Cape, South Africa I34922
40 Whitehead, Charlotte Emily  15 Mar 1879Cape, South Africa I35117
41 Whitehead, George  27 Jul 1849Cape, South Africa I35113
42 Willmore, Benjamin George  19 Aug 1916Cape, South Africa I29473
43 Wilmot, Edith Annie  1938Cape, South Africa I37113


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Backhouse, Philip  Abt 1900Cape, South Africa I79526


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Married    Person ID 
1 Mildenhall, Harry  1900Cape, South Africa I40273


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Adams / Perks  Abt 1888Cape, South Africa F31080
2 Atkinson / Rex  29 Apr 1843Cape, South Africa F11374
3 Backburn / Perks  Abt 1888Cape, South Africa F31081
4 Board / Titterton  Mar 1861Cape, South Africa F5901
5 Boardman / Cory  Abt 1901Cape, South Africa F7400
6 Boardman / Smith  Abt 1869Cape, South Africa F7384
7 Brown / Francis  10 Apr 1932Cape, South Africa F8556
8 Brown / Lovell  13 Mar 1950Cape, South Africa F10846
9 Butler / Short  29 Jan 1918Cape, South Africa F7714
10 De Witt / Mathew  Abt 1882Cape, South Africa F7422
11 Gradwell / Alford  1869Cape, South Africa F13666
12 Gravett / Meyer  Abt 1856Cape, South Africa F12820
13 Gravett / van der Merwe  Cape, South Africa F12834
14 Grounau / Titterton  Abt 1865Cape, South Africa F12082
15 Hayes / Boardman  Abt 1899Cape, South Africa F7401
16 Hiscock / Knight  Abt 1895Cape, South Africa F14385
17 Leslie / Parkin  Abt 1898Cape, South Africa F12063
18 MacKay / Whitehead  Abt 1885Cape, South Africa F12059
19 Mouat / Titterton  Abt 1870Cape, South Africa F12080
20 Page / McLeod  Abt 1922Cape, South Africa F15360
21 Parkin / Hawkins  13 Feb 1879Cape, South Africa F12046
22 Parkin / Joel  Abt 1900Cape, South Africa F12061
23 Parkin / Parkin  Abt 1872Cape, South Africa F12088
24 Parkin / Wilhelm  Abt 1880Cape, South Africa F12048
25 Parkin / van den Berg  Abt 1845Cape, South Africa F12036
26 Perks / George  Abt 1858Cape, South Africa F31072
27 Robinson / Maree  1932Cape, South Africa F27635
28 Southey / Krynauw  Nov 1872Cape, South Africa F1998
29 Sutherland / Titterton  Abt 1863Cape, South Africa F12071
30 Taylor / Vickers  20 Dec 1905Cape, South Africa F8129
31 Thewles / Titterton  Abt 1867Cape, South Africa F12083
32 Trollip / Botha  13 May 1908Cape, South Africa F11634
33 Whitehead / Hill  Abt 1891Cape, South Africa F12058

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