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Eastern Cape, South Africa



Latitude: -32.2968402, Longitude: 26.419389


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bean, John Louis  21 Aug 1874Eastern Cape, South Africa I5160
2 Booth, Percy  22 Apr 1856Eastern Cape, South Africa I54808
3 Boucher, Ethel Alice  14 Aug 1914Eastern Cape, South Africa I121381
4 Boucher, Jemina  1891Eastern Cape, South Africa I121390
5 Boucher, John  Abt 1837Eastern Cape, South Africa I120444
6 Boucher, Lawrence Edward  11 Nov 1925Eastern Cape, South Africa I121383
7 Boucher, Myrtle Gladys  7 Feb 1908Eastern Cape, South Africa I121376
8 Boucher, Richard  1839Eastern Cape, South Africa I120446
9 Boucher, William James  25 Dec 1883Eastern Cape, South Africa I121374
10 Bowker, Bertha Monkhouse  8 Aug 1895Eastern Cape, South Africa I263
11 Bradfield, Amy Grace  27 Apr 1897Eastern Cape, South Africa I6137
12 Bradfield, Charles Vernon  6 Oct 1885Eastern Cape, South Africa I6130
13 Bradfield, Edwin Wilfred  3 Feb 1900Eastern Cape, South Africa I6138
14 Bradfield, Enid Maud  17 Feb 1896Eastern Cape, South Africa I6136
15 Bradfield, Leslie John  9 Feb 1887Eastern Cape, South Africa I6131
16 Bradfield, Owen Southey  5 Jun 1888Eastern Cape, South Africa I6134
17 Brill, Harriet Hendrietta  1855Eastern Cape, South Africa I151891
18 Broli, Robert Blair Green  Abt 1865Eastern Cape, South Africa I126133
19 Browne, Arthur Hart  15 Apr 1864Eastern Cape, South Africa I39592
20 Brownlee, William Thomson  Abt 1855Eastern Cape, South Africa I5054
21 Bruce, William Rush  1832Eastern Cape, South Africa I177695
22 Cairns, Hester Magdalene  Abt 1870Eastern Cape, South Africa I156707
23 Clogg, Hester Petronella Fredericka  28 Oct 1861Eastern Cape, South Africa I163578
24 Cockcroft, Elizabeth Smith  20 Oct 1845Eastern Cape, South Africa I16567
25 Collett, George  9 Apr 1840Eastern Cape, South Africa I20330
26 Collett, Henry Magnus Michel  27 Mar 1908Eastern Cape, South Africa I21782
27 Collett, Horatio Theo  30 Apr 1917Eastern Cape, South Africa I20318
28 Collett, Thomas Kenneth  20 Oct 1912Eastern Cape, South Africa I21783
29 Cumming, Bliss Atherstone  24 Sep 1849Eastern Cape, South Africa I735
30 Curnick, Esme Alice Locke   I159348
31 Curnick, Ross Erdington Phillips  27 Sep 1925Eastern Cape, South Africa I81987
32 Daniel, William  17 Jul 1899Eastern Cape, South Africa I125937
33 Daniell, Burchell George  24 Sep 1903Eastern Cape, South Africa I153136
34 Daniell, Guy Bourke  9 Nov 1904Eastern Cape, South Africa I137550
35 Daniell, Ronald Jack  24 Sep 1903Eastern Cape, South Africa I153137
36 Dixon, Jensina  1867Eastern Cape, South Africa I167487
37 Elliott, Alfred  Eastern Cape, South Africa I125528
38 Elliott, Anne Frances  12 Aug 1864Eastern Cape, South Africa I125526
39 Elliott, Charles Thomas  6 Jun 1871Eastern Cape, South Africa I125527
40 Elliott, Edward Ernest  Eastern Cape, South Africa I125531
41 Elliott, Henry George  Abt 1882Eastern Cape, South Africa I125530
42 Elliott, Paul John  Eastern Cape, South Africa I125529
43 Elliott, Samuel  29 Mar 1831Eastern Cape, South Africa I125523
44 Elliott, Samuel Mark  1 May 1862Eastern Cape, South Africa I54796
45 Elliott, Violet Ruth  Eastern Cape, South Africa I125534
46 Eva, Martha  22 Jan 1879Eastern Cape, South Africa I110991
47 Ferreira, Christina Sophia  1848Eastern Cape, South Africa I3103
48 Ferreira, Nellie  1886Eastern Cape, South Africa I163567
49 Fick, Christine Madeleine  6 Jul 1841Eastern Cape, South Africa I125524
50 Forrester, John WIlliam Thomas  26 Jan 1873Eastern Cape, South Africa I111427

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christening    Person ID 
1 Norton, Annie Margaret  14 Sep 1862Eastern Cape, South Africa I150510
2 Phillips, Thomas Leopold  25 Oct 1840Eastern Cape, South Africa I82674
3 Priddle, Hannah  16 Apr 1843Eastern Cape, South Africa I23931


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Banks, James Henry  25 Apr 1902Eastern Cape, South Africa I49983
2 Banks, William 1820 Settler  Abt 1843Eastern Cape, South Africa I47610
3 Bradfield, Eleanor Ann Atkin 1820 Settler  1837Eastern Cape, South Africa I18601
4 Bradfield, Thomas 1820 Settler  1893Eastern Cape, South Africa I18604
5 Bridgman, Orlandus Graham  25 May 1932Eastern Cape, South Africa I153421
6 Cadle, Francis Andrew  4 May 1901Eastern Cape, South Africa I113235
7 Cadle, Samuel Clifford  10 Nov 1960Eastern Cape, South Africa I113296
8 Carlisle, Frederick William  12 Jul 1865Eastern Cape, South Africa I59842
9 Chadwick, William 1820 Settler  28 Mar 1837Eastern Cape, South Africa I147396
10 Clark, Charles 1820 Settler  Abt 1847Eastern Cape, South Africa I172045
11 Collett, Elizabeth  20 Jul 1913Eastern Cape, South Africa I20331
12 Currin, Peter Ross  14 Jul 2016Eastern Cape, South Africa I60587
13 Daniel, William  2 Aug 1899Eastern Cape, South Africa I125937
14 Daniell, Agnes Julie  23 May 1953Eastern Cape, South Africa I137287
15 Daniell, James 1820 Settler  1 Apr 1844Eastern Cape, South Africa I106440
16 Dean, Charles 1820 Settler  17 May 1864Eastern Cape, South Africa I28574
17 Devine, David Henry  Bef 1847Eastern Cape, South Africa I138847
18 Devine, Eliza Jane  Bef 1847Eastern Cape, South Africa I173814
19 Dixon, Jensina  1951Eastern Cape, South Africa I167487
20 Duffy, George 1820 Settler  30 Jul 1843Eastern Cape, South Africa I132607
21 Dyason, George Francis Sharp 1820 Settler  23 Apr 1821Eastern Cape, South Africa I12362
22 Futter, Martha Florence  22 Mar 1884Eastern Cape, South Africa I80011
23 Futter, Susannah  23 Jun 1880Eastern Cape, South Africa I45295
24 Gibson, Jesse Agnes  1955Eastern Cape, South Africa I133754
25 Goss, Elizabeth Helena  Eastern Cape, South Africa I132809
26 Goss, Michael  Eastern Cape, South Africa I132808
27 Greaves, Sarah Anna  1892Eastern Cape, South Africa I10730
28 Green, Hannah 1820 Settler  1883Eastern Cape, South Africa I945
29 Griffin, Ann Earl  10 Mar 1913Eastern Cape, South Africa I132679
30 Howse, William Samuel  Bef 1852Eastern Cape, South Africa I100769
31 Kelly, Patricia Violet  4 Apr 2012Eastern Cape, South Africa I153987
32 Kidwell, Arthur Charles  Bef 18 Jan 1915Eastern Cape, South Africa I119285
33 Lee, Ellen  1902Eastern Cape, South Africa I125008
34 Lewis, Maunsel Harvey  Eastern Cape, South Africa I181774
35 Lloyd, Henry 1820 Settler  1844Eastern Cape, South Africa I102754
36 Logan, Raymond Addison  27 Aug 2011Eastern Cape, South Africa I149654
37 Mather-Pike, Yvonne Genevieve Anastasia  31 Dec 2013Eastern Cape, South Africa I149653
38 Nibbs, Francis 1820 Settler  1834Eastern Cape, South Africa I134770
39 Norton, Edith Nelly  12 Nov 1874Eastern Cape, South Africa I91849
40 Norton, Marian Emily  25 Nov 1944Eastern Cape, South Africa I15948
41 Page, Thomas 1820 Settler  13 Sep 1875Eastern Cape, South Africa I13574
42 Penny, Edward 1820 Settler  Abt 1823Eastern Cape, South Africa I16184
43 Poultney, Henry Edward Lake  11 Mar 1849Eastern Cape, South Africa I3776
44 Powell, Charles Richard Busby  Eastern Cape, South Africa I73362
45 Preston, Samuel  1871Eastern Cape, South Africa I124992
46 Putterill, Gyfford James  7 Feb 2014Eastern Cape, South Africa I52900
47 Roberts, Richard Robert  7 Apr 1904Eastern Cape, South Africa I131274
48 Satchwell, Richard Murcot 1820 Settler  15 Apr 1864Eastern Cape, South Africa I159627
49 Staples, George Henry  18 Oct 1856Eastern Cape, South Africa I117178
50 Thompson, Richard Wentworth  1909Eastern Cape, South Africa I152393

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Armstrong, Graham  Eastern Cape, South Africa I17777

Marriage Banns

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Marriage Banns    Person ID 
1 Howse, Mary Ann  23 Aug 1848Eastern Cape, South Africa I100770


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Clark, George 1820 Settler  1820Eastern Cape, South Africa I101111


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Heenan, Claude Hammersley  1963Eastern Cape, South Africa I165158


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Batteson / Ferreira  1937Eastern Cape, South Africa F57757
2 Bowker / King  1853Eastern Cape, South Africa F5705
3 Etherden / Richardson  Abt 1942Eastern Cape, South Africa F40555
4 Foxcroft / Fitzhenry  1884Eastern Cape, South Africa F16998
5 Greaves / Gilfillan  6 Mar 1843Eastern Cape, South Africa F1991
6 Green / Patrick  1850Eastern Cape, South Africa F51887
7 Harding / King  1859Eastern Cape, South Africa F5711
8 Harris / Hobson  21 Mar 1861Eastern Cape, South Africa F38085
9 Hoole / Boucher  18 Aug 1856Eastern Cape, South Africa F43029
10 Howse / Pye  30 Jun 1852Eastern Cape, South Africa F36097
11 Hudson / Pearson  1890Eastern Cape, South Africa F53175
12 Lee / Trollip  1856Eastern Cape, South Africa F25223
13 Mace / Meyer  Abt 1860Eastern Cape, South Africa F66284
14 Marshall / Collett  Eastern Cape, South Africa F645
15 McGee / Butler  Abt 1919Eastern Cape, South Africa F66261
16 Melvill / Mollett  Eastern Cape, South Africa F32875
17 Rawlings / Frankland  Abt 1872Eastern Cape, South Africa F31019
18 Rawlings / Keightley  Abt 1890Eastern Cape, South Africa F31073
19 Smith / Scrooby  23 Aug 1872Eastern Cape, South Africa F49366
20 Stirk / Trollip  6 Jul 1858Eastern Cape, South Africa F2390


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   Family    Divorce    Family ID 
1 Potter / Kemp  31 Aug 1897Eastern Cape, South Africa F23845

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