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KwaZulu Natal, South Africa



Latitude: -28.5305539, Longitude: 30.8958242


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Amm, Elizabeth Phyllis  1917KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I41876
2 Bester, Cornelia Petronella  8 Jun 1894KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I132218
3 Boden, Callum   I38998
4 Bowles, Henry Mervyn   I155244
5 Bowles, Mary Adele   I155243
6 Bowles, William Kenneth   I155245
7 Brickhill, Agnes Elizabeth  Abt 1865KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I144747
8 Erskine, Angela Jane   I105473
9 Erskine, Byron Thomas   I105472
10 Erskine, Paula Swanzie   I105474
11 Gem, Louisa Jessie Margaret  5 Jul 1864KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I58733
12 Hattingh, Christina Petronella  Mar 1892KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I41890
13 Hulley, Mavinia   I47238
14 Keeve, Marthinus Anton   I41054
15 Kennedy, Robert Alwyn Longlands  10 Jul 1932KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I152849
16 Kippen, Julia Ann Grace  13 May 1857KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I14553
17 Norton, Bridget Grey   I105470
18 Norton, Dani-May   I105454
19 Norton, Diana Grey  5 Mar 1960KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I105456
20 Norton, Ian   I105445
21 Norton, Jocelyn   I105455
22 Norton, Julie   I105444
23 Norton, Kim   I105448
24 Norton, Moray Henry Grey   I105475
25 Norton, Paul Grey   I105451
26 Norton, Philip Blamey   I105443
27 Norton, Roderick Grey   I105452
28 Norton, Susan Grey   I105464
29 Pote, Bronwyn Stacy   I41293
30 Rudd, Sarah Ann  1858KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I14067
31 Sadler, Christine Elizabeth   I46125
32 Stuart, Jessie Margaret Annie  Abt 1909KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I167766
33 Sulin, Ellen Jane Agnes  1876KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I41751
34 Ulyate, William John  1875KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I160169
35 Walker, Janet Natal  Apr 1842KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I47353
36 Zunckel, Carl Herman  3 Apr 1913KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I149192
37 Zunckel, Ralph Ivan   I149190


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Irma Cara  12 Jul 1970KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I163801
2 Olive Mary  22 Feb 2008KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I146571
3 Atherstone, Edith Atherstone  25 Jul 1972KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I330
4 Atherstone, William Hugh  1970KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I325
5 Attwell, Dulcie Lillian  3 Dec 1984KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I51522
6 Barrett, Joyce Dillon  19 Aug 1982KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I14929
7 Blamey, Mervyn Cardell  1995KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I105430
8 Bristow, Amy Gertrude Catherine  1960KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I122738
9 Burckard, Martin Frederick  Abt 1963KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I158888
10 Burckard, William Edward  Abt 1966KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I158884
11 Cox, Wilfred George  1961KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I11327
12 Curnick, Alwyn James Phillips  1960KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I159349
13 Danckwerts, Jean  10 Jul 1992KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I118918
14 Dingle, Margaret Roberts  14 Aug 1980KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I39272
15 Dorkin, Thomas Gilbert  1972KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I117491
16 Duthie, Gwendoline  24 May 2015KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I146573
17 Edkins, Cecil Raymond  26 Jun 1974KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I18790
18 Edkins, Leslie Arthur  30 May 1945KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I18757
19 Field, Sarah May  1965KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I141705
20 Fraser, Frederick William  14 Oct 1969KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I149568
21 Fynn, Henry Francis  1954KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I5445
22 Glisson, William Kenneth  23 Mar 2011KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I6409
23 Green, Mary Winifred  1965KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I155398
24 Groom, Gladys Elaine  22 Oct 2013KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I146569
25 Hancock, Vivian Crawford  8 May 2001KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I54713
26 Hart, Sybil Irene  1967KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I155246
27 Hollard, Morgan Hood  1957KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I155399
28 Hulley, Rachel Irene  25 May 1976KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I14264
29 Jennings, James William  13 Mar 1882KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I48157
30 Kippen, George Adam Crooks  31 Dec 1876KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I54565
31 Loftie-Eaton, Kathleen Mary  10 Jan 2010KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I72834
32 McKenzie, Ethel May  1960KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I43858
33 Mortimer, Joan  11 Jun 2012KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I153343
34 Nel, Johannes Tobias  Abt 1969KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I110117
35 Norton, Esther  1883KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I15980
36 O'Donovan, Harold Willoughby  1974KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I136486
37 O'Donovan, Kathleen Norah  1973KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I73910
38 Oertel, Octavius Carey Hobson  1959KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I74697
39 Parkin, Gordon Gerald  1975KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I58958
40 Percival, Dorothy Ruby  1969KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I136480
41 Pike, Ronald Sydney  8 Sep 2010KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I149678
42 Pratt, Phyllis Margorie  1955KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I105485
43 Reynolds, Diana Maureen  15 Aug 2013KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I137313
44 Reynolds, Hilary Leighton  1958KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I137356
45 Sackville-West, Maxmillian Leon Jose Manuel Enrique Bernardino  1936KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I105136
46 Scrooby, Jessie Olive  Abt 1950KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I134985
47 Selby, Mabel Mary  1969KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I51979
48 Senekal, Christina Margaret  23 Apr 2004KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I174431
49 Shuttleworth, Iris Rill   I6238
50 Stretch, Augusta Maud  1952KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I74655

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Gem, Louisa Jessie Margaret  1848KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I58733


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Marsh, Arthur  KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I57868
2 Tod, Harry Howard  KwaZulu Natal, South Africa I100783


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Anderson / Sadler   F16334
2 Bache / Walker   F64643
3 Hulley / Masema  7 Apr 1893KwaZulu Natal, South Africa F16703
4 Juckes / Pike  27 May 1903KwaZulu Natal, South Africa F51377
5 Judge / Shepstone  17 Jan 1863KwaZulu Natal, South Africa F21223
6 Mathias / Shepstone  19 Sep 1873KwaZulu Natal, South Africa F21226
7 Pike / Spencer  7 Apr 1920KwaZulu Natal, South Africa F51380
8 Shepstone / Geary  3 Sep 1863KwaZulu Natal, South Africa F21219
9 Shepstone / Gem  23 Jul 1877KwaZulu Natal, South Africa F21225
10 Shepstone / Moodie  25 Apr 1851KwaZulu Natal, South Africa F21213
11 Wright / King  7 Jan 1902KwaZulu Natal, South Africa F23450

? Residence:RESI

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    ? Residence:RESI    Family ID 
1 Heathcote / Philipps  1850KwaZulu Natal, South Africa F1225

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