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Settler Descendants who died during WWI

These records were transcribed by me from viewing the actual digital records held on The records have been captured into a database table, which then allows them to be displayed in alphabetical order according to the surname.

Most of the first column with the Surname have the name underlined, which is a link to that persons record in the main Settler genealogy databe. If the name in NOT undlined, then I have not yet managed to identify that person in my Settlers table, and I will be doing further research to link him up with his family.

To View the actual record of the Permit, click on the Image Link in the last column. If it has n/a then that information was supplied directly to me by a user.

If you know of any others who are not in this list, please let me know, as the initial list cames only from those who responded to the 1920 information request forms sent out by the 1820 Settlers Association. If you can 'fill in the blanks' where I do not have the full info, or corrections, please let me know. Thanks,

 Surname   First Names   Rank   Regiment   Reg No    Death Date    Where died 
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Allen Thomas Benjamin   8th Mounted Rifles  1335 1915-02-00 Upington,  139 
Austin Lester Graham  Gunner  73rd Siege Battery  1775 1918-04-09 Loisne Farm 4 miles N E of Bethu,  78 
Bain Arthur Stewart  Private  2nd regiment 1st S A Infantry  13336 1918-07-19 Flanders, Belgium  n/a
Bands Arthur  Lance Corporal  3rd S A Infantry  9205 1916-01-11 Petit Bazant,  63 
Bean Orlando Leonard  Private  4th S A Scottish  50449 1916-06-19 Delville Wood, Longueval, France 120 
Bennett Malcolm Oswald  Lance Corporal  1st S A Infantry  8682 1917-04-12 Arras, France 48 
Bentley Gilbert Edward  Private  1st S A Infantry   1916-07-18 Delville Wood, Longueval, France 10 
Bezuidenhout Pieter Hendricht  2nd Lieutenant     1916-12-24 2nd Battle of the Somme, France 55 
Billson Thomas   Life Guards   0000-00-00 Waterloo,  105 
Birt Clarence Eric  Bombadier  S A heavy Artillery   1918-09-15 Vis-en-Artois, France 119 
Bisset Douglas Frederick  Private  3rd S A Infantry  7020 1916-10-11 Butte de Warlencourt, France 110 
Blackmore Percy   In charge of Water transport   1919-07-11 East Rand,  179 
Blakeway Lewis Gower  Lance Corporal  2nd S A Infantry  2728 1917-04-12 Battle of Arras, France 96 
Bold John Hurst      0000-00-00 , German East Africa 88 
Booty William George Stanbury  Lieutenant  Kings Africa Rifles   1916-10-20 Mkapiro, German East Africa 91 
Bowker Alan Duthie  Captain     1918-03-24 Flanders, Belgium 162 
Bowker Kenneth Eric  Trooper  2nd S A Mounted Horse  267 1919-07-09 Chiredzi Ranche, Ndanga, Southern Rhodesia 80 
Bradfield Algene  Private  4th S A Infantry  2097 1916-07-15 Delville Wood, Longueval, France 85 
Broster Harold Broughton  Lieutenant, Company Commander  King Edward Horse then Kings Afican Rifles   1917-11-30 near Combrae,  170 
Brown  Clement Reuben John  Conductor  Animal Transport  3957 1918-11-10 Cathcart district,  177 
Brown Eric George  Private  2nd Regiment 1st S A Infantry  2129 1916-10-12 Butte de Warlencourt, France 34 
Brown George Lennox  Sergeant  3rd S A H (Horse?)   1916-11-24 Dar-Es-Salaam, German East Africa 114 
Brown Leslie Charles  Private  2nd S A Infantry  8989 1914-04-13 Battle of Arras, France 133 
Bruton Harry Vernon  Private  4th S A Scottish   1916-10-12 , France 20 
Campbell Norman Cecil Ssanderson  Lieutenant  Royal Air Force   1918-08-19 , England 76 
Chase Alan Centlivres  Lieutenant  S A Scottish   0000-00-00 , France 175 
Church Cecil Redvers  Private  1st S A Infantry   1918-03-24 Gauche Wood, Villers-Guislain, France 11 
Clayton Percy Tomlinson  Sergeant     1914-00-00 Winberg,  84 
Clementz Dennis Murray  2nd Lieutenant  Royal Flying Corp, 24 Squadron   1918-03-06 Somme, France  n/a
Cockcroft Vincent  Private  3rd Regiment 1st S A Infantry   1917-04-09 Arras, France 112 
Comley Wallace Alexander  Private  1st S A Infantry  6703 1917-04-12 Arras, France 107 
Cook George Thornhill  Captain (Chaplain)  3rd S A Infantry   1916-07-11 Bernafay Wood, France 100 
Cooper Arthur Bernard  2nd Lieutenant  2nd S A Infantry   1918-09-17 Flanders, Belgium 93 
D'Ewes Timothy Francis  Private  4th S A Scottish Mortar Battery  13763 1918-07-12 , France 157 
Dashwood George Lewin  Private     1917-04-09 Battle of Arras, France 178 
Dexter Gabriel Heywood  Sergeant  2nd S A Infantry   1918-11-01 , France 72 
Dicks A B   1st Mounted Brigade  7194 0000-00-00 , German East Africa 169 
Dillon Abraham J  Private  6th S A Infantry  1714 0000-00-00 , German East Africa 172 
Dillon Edward Thomas  Rifleman     0000-00-00 Military Hospital, Wynberg,  174 
Dillon Joseph B  Private  1st S A Infantry  1500 0000-00-00 Delville Wood, Longueval, France 173 
Dold Eric Gilbert  Private  2nd S A Infantry  15070 1918-03-30 , France 111 
Driver Harry Thackwray  Private  1st S A Infantry  10054 1917-04-12 Battle of Arras, France 39 
Dugmore Charles Cousins  Private  2nd S A Infantry  4659 1916-01-23 Matruh, Egypt 13 
Dugmore Edward Donald  Lance Corporal  1st S A Infantry  14490 1918-04-10 Messine's Ridge, Belgium 14 
Dunlop-Ainslie Tyrrell  Driver  SA SC M J  4327 1917-10-23 , German East Africa 16 
Edwards Arthur Webb  2nd Lieutenant  Royal Flying Corps   1917-10-10 Flanders, Belgium 135 
Elliott Jack Leslie  Trooper  East African Mounted Rifles  210 1914-09-25 Ingito Hills, German East Africa 33 
Elliott Leonard Glanville  Private  4th S A Scottish  7452 1916-10-12 Butte de Warlencourt, France 92 
Emslie Samuel  Lieutenant  S A Native Labour Corps   1917-02-21 off Isle of Wight, England 45 
Emslie William Alexander   Private  S A Scottish   1918-10-09 , France 126 
Forbes Gordon William  2nd Lieutenant  Royal Flying Corps   1917-10-18 Thourout, Belgium 104 
Ford Eric Anthony  Private  1st Mounted Brigade  17784 0000-00-00 Pretoria, South Africa 163 
Forder Charles Frederick  2nd Lieutenant  Royal Sussex Regiment   1916-09-08 Lougneval, France 137 
Forder William George Symons  2nd Lieutenant  4th SA Scottish   1917-09-21 Menin Road, Flanders, Belgium 136 
Forrester Alton Clyde   East African Mounted Rifles   1914-09-28 German East Africa,  181 
Frames Harold Ross  Trooper  Enslin's Horse   1914-11-16 Richspruit. O F S, South Africa 66 
Freemantle Ronald Percy  Lieutenant  Royal Flying Corps   1917-03-01 ,  7 
Frost Philip Ivan Lowne  Trooper  S A M C C Union Expeditionary Force  575 0000-00-00 Zeerust, South Africa 31 
Geach Samuel Stanley  2nd Lieutenant  1st S A Infantry   1918-11-16 Le Cateau, France 52 
Gibson Vernon Francis  2nd Lieutenant  Royal Air Force  76395 1918-11-09 Queensbury Shotwick, Chester,, England 60 
Giddy Walter  Corporal  2nd S A Infantry  1613 1917-04-12 Fampoux Anas, France 102 
Glass Lionel St Clare  private    13566 1917-09-20 Menin Road, Flanders, Belgium 5 
Godfrey Henry Melville  2nd Lieutenant  2nd S A Infantry   1917-04-09 Arras, France 167 
Gowar Norman Stanley  Private  B Company, Eastern Rifles   1914-12-16 Rooiwaal farm near Hoeningspruit, South Africa 168 
Gray Raymond Barrett  Corporal  2ns Regiment 1st S A Infantry  7064 1916-10-12 Wallincourt, France 109 
Greathead John Rivers  2nd Lieutenant  2nd Battalion The Rifle Brigade   1916-10-23 Le Transloy, Somme, France 115 
Hancock Claude Vernon  Private  2nd S A Infantry  14275 1917-10-12 Flanders, Belgium 51 
Harris Robert Sykes      1915-04-27 Gibeon, German South West Africa 132 
Haw Ronald George  Private  1st S A Infantry  13343 1918-11-11 , France 38 
Hedding Dudley George  Lance Corporal  7th S A Infantry   1916-03-12 Taveta Hill, German East Africa 134 
Hewson John ReginaldS   S A S C Mechanised Transport   1918-01-13 Dar-Es-Salaam, German East Africa 121 
Higgs Clement  Sergeant  102 Battalion Candadians   1916-09-01 Flanders, Belgium 108 
Hobson Alec Carey  Private     0000-00-00 German East Africa,  47 
Hobson Norman  Lieutenant     0000-00-00 ,  46 
Honey Melville  Private  1st S A Regiment  8946 1916-10-19 On the Marne, France 54 
Honey Norman  Private  1st S A Infantry  9362 1917-01-10 Arras, France 53 
Howard Harry Benjamin  Sergeant  4th S A Scottish   0000-00-00 , France 159 
Howse Harold Edward  Captain  2nd Royal Berkshires   1917-08-16 , Belgium 22 
Howse Roland Robert Parr  Priate  1st S A Infantry  12541 1918-03-26 Gouche Wood, Villers-Guislain, France 19 
Hulley Henry Clifford  Lance Corporal  2nd S A Infantry   1916-07-13 , France 26 
Hulley Thomas Henry  Private  1st S A Infantry  10826 1918-03-24 Moislains, France 17 
Hulley Victor Harold  Lance Corporal  1st Regiment 1st S A Infantry  18724 1917-04-14 village of Qampean,  27 
Humphrey Humphrey Charles  Major  11th Regiment Infantry   1916-05-10 Kondoa Irangi, East Africa 154 
Impey Alan Tamplin  Lance Corporal  East African Mounted Rifles   1914-09-25 Ingito Hills, German East Africa 70 
Irving Aubrey Gordon   Royal Flying Corps   1915-03-15 Neuve Chappelle, France 3 
Jackson Robert Alexander William  Private     1916-10-12 Thiepval, France  n/a
Jakins Ewan Ernest Evelyn  Private  2nd Rhodesian Regt, SA Infantry Brigade   1918-03-24 , France 23 
Jakins Harold Montague  Private  2nd S A Infantry   1917-09-20 Menin Road, Flanders, Belgium 6 
James Symons Godfrey   Royal Air Force   0000-00-00 Valenciennes, France 161 
Juby Lionel Osmond  Private  B company, 2nd S A Infantry  6365 1916-10-12 Arras, France 65 
Kent Willie Hartley  Private  7th SA Infantry  2905 1916-03-12 Lalema Neck,  171 
Kidson Colin Gerald  Corporal  1st S A Infantry   1917-07-16 Delville Wood, Longueval, France 142 
Kidson Eric Montague  Lance Corporal  3rd S A Infantry  4918 1916-07-21 Military hospital, Etaples, France 30 
King Douglas Scott  Private  4th S A Infantry   1916-03-22 , British East Africa 182 
King Eric Newton   4th S A Scottish  9380 1916-12-15 Arras, France 122 
Kirkman Alfred John  Private  2nd S A Infantry  246 1916-07-18 Delville Wood, Longueval, France 106 
Knibbs Horace Lester  Lance Corporal  2nd Regiment S A Infantry  5942 1917-04-12 Fampoux, France  n/a
Knight Walker Grey  Private  2nd S A Infantry  16220 1918-10-14 , France 74 
LLoyd George Ellis  Private  10th S A Infantry  8062 1916-05-31 Mbulu, German East Africa 43 
LLoyd William Frederick      1917-02-02 Delville Wood, France  n/a
Lock Ronald   Scottish Regiment   1916-07-18 Delville Wood, France 152 
Long Joshua Staples  Private  2nd S A Infantry  9336 1916-10-12 Battle of the Somme, France 87 
Maeder Edward John  Sergeant  4th S A Infantry  5895 0000-00-00 Butte de Warlencourt, France 103 
Mallett Arthur Charles Maynard  Private  3rd S A Infantry  7280 1916-07-18 Delville Wood, Longueval, France 67 
Mallett Frederick Gordon  Lance Corporal  2nd S A Infantry  492 1916-07-18 Delville Wood, Longueval, France 68 
Mallett Hugh Francis Phillip  Sergeant  2nd Regiment, 1st S A Infantry  5575 1918-10-08 Beaurevoir, France 25 
Mandy Leslie Morley  Signaller  2nd S A Infantry   1916-07-17 Delville Wood, Longueval, France 4 
McGregor James Corbitt  Private  1st Regiment, 1st S A Infantry   1916-07-18 Delville Wood, Longueval, France 113 
Mundell George Alexander     10309 1916-08-11 Mbuyani, German East Africa 129 
Murray Denis  2nd Lieutenant  Royal Flying Corps   1918-03-06 , France 127 
Murray Vernon Armstrong  Private  1st S A Infantry, A company  12060 1917-09-20 east of Ypres, Belgium 21 
Murray Vernon Armstrong  Private  1st S A Infantry   1917-09-20 , France 128 
Muter John Dirk Palmer Holland  Private  1st S A Infantry  23116 1918-10-14 Potchefstroom, OFS, South Africa 73 
Nash Fred Barratt  4th Officer, SS Clan McPhearson  Merchantile Marine   1918-03-04 off the coast of Tripoli, Medite, Libya 32 
Nash James Yeatman  Private  1st S A Infantry  4234 1917-07-14 Delville Wood, Longueval, France 29 
Nelson Ernest Wright  Sergeant  2 East African Volunterr Artillery   1919-09-24 Kwali near Mombasa, British East Africa 56 
Neville Stuart  2nd Lieutenant  7th London Regiment   1918-09-21 Monthy-le-preux, Arras, France 94 
Newcombe Clarke Charles Upham  2nd Lieutenant  4th Worcestershire Regiment   1917-08-17 Ypres, France 147 
Newcombe Leonard Upham Norman  Corporal  9th S A Horse  3584 1916-08-15 Kaddete, Tanzania 131 
Norval Henry  Private  Royal Welsh Fusiliers  5786 0000-00-00 ,  130 
Noyce Gauntlet Logie  Sergeant  3rd S A Infantry  8176 1918-09-12 at Sea,  165 
Ochse Arthur Edward  Dergeant  3rd S A Infantry  555 1918-04-11 Messine's Ridge, France 89 
Painter Bernard Herbert  Lance Corporal  4th S A Scottish   1919-09-24 Menin Road, Flanders, Belgium 71 
Pedlar George Normam Elliott  Corporal  2nd S A Infantry  7813 1916-10-11 ,  50 
Pedlar George Norman Elliott  Lance Corporal  2nd S A Infantry  7813 1916-10-16 Somme, France 86 
Penny Hilton  Sergeant  125th Siege Gun Battery, SA Artillery   1917-04-28 Battle of Arras, France 1 
Perkins Athol Orpen  Corporal  Royal Machine Gun Corps   1916-07-28 Delville Wood, Longueval, France 116 
Phillips Frederick Hugh  Private  3rd S A Infantry   1918-03-21 , France  n/a
Pill L J  Private  Infantry   0000-00-00 , France 151 
Pote Edgar W  Private  1st Regiment 1st S A Infantry B company  9949 1917-04-09 Arras, France 117 
Pote Percival Leslie  Private  1st Regiment, S A Infantry  1532 1917-09-20 Battle of Ypres, Belgium 2 
Pullen Garnett Robinson  Private  1st S A Infantry   1917-12-08 Flanders, Belgium 83 
Purdon Edward Cameron  Private  1st S A Infantry  16153 1918-04-10 Messine's Ridge, France 28 
Quail John Wilson  Signaller  2nd S A Infantry  4624 1916-07-18 Delville Wood, Longueval, France 123 
Rex Reginald R  Trooper  4th S A Horse A squadron No 1 Troop  577 1916-05-30 , East Africa 166 
Richardson Charles Hammond  Private  2nd S A Infantry  2830 1916-07-18 Delville Wood, Longueval, France 57 
Richardson Edwin Gordon  Private  2nd S A Infantry  13874 1918-10-08 Bouraveau Wood, France 58 
Richardson Olgar Donovan  Private  2nd S A Infantry  2669 1919-11-02 Berlin, Eastern Cape, South Africa 59 
Robey Norman Dorrell  Lance Corporal  £rd S A Infantry  8638 1917-09-20 ,  101 
Roe Arthur Alexander  Lance Corporal  2nd S A Infantry  4625 1916-07-09 Bernafay Wood, France 138 
Rowe Martin Hercules  Private  1st S A Infantry  12594 1918-10-18 Le Cateau, France 49 
Ruddock Reginald  Private  4th S A Horse  577 1916-05-30 Ujiomi,  143 
Sanger William Merson  Private  3rd S A Infantry  7075 1916-06-04 Aldershot, England 148 
Sauerman Cecil Herbert  Private  2nd S A Infantry  12375 1918-01-17 ,  69 
Scorgie Raymond Rundle  Private  4th S A Infantry  22309 1918-10-27 Woking, England 79 
Seagar Ronald George  Sergeant Major  20th Mounted Rifles  5443 1918-10-23 Natal, South Africa 40 
Sephton Stanley  Lieutenant - pilot  Royal Flying Corps   1918-05-14 , France 99 
Shearer John  Sergeant  2nd S A Infantry   1918-04-11 Messine's Ridge, Belgium 12 
Shearsmith Cecil  Private  5th S A Infantry  13971 1917-03-04 Mlembe, German East Africa 9 
Shearsmith William Henry  Signaller  1st S A Infantry  4145 1917-01-12 Somme front, France 8 
Shires John Edwin  Private  9th S A Infantry B company  5168 1916-09-10 Dodoma, German East Africa 82 
Shires John Edwin  Privatre  9th S A Infantry, B Company  5168 1916-09-10 Dodoma, German East Africa 146 
Smit Graham  Lance Corporal  3rd S A Infantry  8365 1917-09-20 , France 18 
Smith Claude Alfred Cannon   2nd S A Infantry  6414 1916-08-01 Delville Wood, Longueval, France 164 
Smith Evelyn Curtis Cloete  Private  2nd S A Infantry  16702 1918-04-12 Messine's Ridge, France 62 
Smith Gordon Thomas   4th Battalion S A Scottish S Anfantry    1916-10-12 Somme, France  n/a
Sparks Leslie Pearson  Lance Corporal  4th S A Infantry   1918-03-21 , France 144 
Sparks S W  Lieutenant  Royal Air Force   0000-00-00 Salonaka, Greece 145 
Surmon James Howard  Private  1st S A Infantry  7117 1917-07-10 Delville Wood, Longueval, France 37 
Sweetnam Walter Eugene   1st S A Infantry  8800 1917-11-27 Flanders, Belgium 36 
Talbot William Griffin  Corporal  Royal Engineers   1919-02-18 Ramleh, Palestine 24 
Tarr Bernard  Lieutenant  Australian Regiment   1917-06-09 Messine's Ridge, France 180 
Tayler Cyprian Churchill  Trooper  1st S A H   1918-03-17 ,  141 
Tayler Edward Parmenter  Private  1st S A Infantry  8797 1916-10-18 Butte de Warlencourt, France 140 
Thomas Wilfred Lionel  Sergeant  1st Worcestershire Regiment  11091 1915-03-12 Neuve Chappelle, France 118 
Thomson John Eric  Cadet  Royal Aif Force   1918-10-05 Thorncliff Hospital,  35 
Trollip Douglas Price  Lieutenant  Royal Air Force 757 squadron   1918-04-01 , France 150 
Trollip Noel Roland Price  Private  Midland Mounted Horse   1915-01-18 Lutzputz,  149 
Turpin Dick Darrel  Private  1st S A Infantry   1917-09-20 Menin Road, Flanders, Belgium 42 
Wainwright      0000-00-00 ,  41 
Wakeford A B     451 1920-01-05 Pretoria, South Africa 77 
Wakeford Eric Walter Grey  Private  4th South African Scottish  12142 1917-09-20 Flanders, Belgium 15 
Wakeford Percival Thurlow   4th S A Infantry  13047 1918-04-13 Messine's Ridge, France 61 
Wayland Alfred Edwin  Sergeant  1st S A Infantry  8470 1916-10-18 , France 97 
Wayland Reuben  Private  kalakari Horse  22 1914-11-15 Witzand, Bechuanaland 98 
Webb Edward Cottington  Dresser  S A V C  496 1917-02-23 , German East Africa 124 
Webb Robert David   4th S A Scottish  8355 1918-03-24 , France 90 
Wedderburn Alexander   2nd S A Infantry   1916-01-27 Mersa Matruh, Egypt 160 
Wedderburn Lorimer Hamilton  Private  175th Battalion Canadians  696110 1917-05-03 Fresney, France 95 
Wentworth Charles Harold Frere  Private  3rd S A Infantry  6430 1916-07-19 Delville Wood, France  n/a
White Donald   2nd Rhodesian  1727 1918-03-24 Flanders, France 156 
White Eric Eduard  Lieutenant  48th Canadian and Royal Air Force   1917-08-01 , France 155 
Wicks Oswald James  Private  2nd Regiment S A Infantry  5545 1917-04-12 Fampoux, France  n/a
Wicks Percival George  Lance Corporal  2nd regiment S A Infantry  5548 1917-04-12 Fampoux, France 64 
Williams Herbert Dale  Private  2nd Regiment 1st S A Infantry  10404 1917-02-24 Connaught Hospital, Aldershot, England 158 
Williams John Roy  Cyclist  S A Motorcycle Corps A E Forces  125 1918-03-31 Zeerust, Transvaal, South Africa 75 
Wilson Walter Weldon  Corporal  S A Scottish   0000-00-00 , France 176 
Wood Ralph  Lieutenant  Royal Flying Corps   1918-10-17 , France 153 
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